Count how many good teeth you have.
.So you now know how many good teeth you have.
Did you notice something?
For the vast majority, the number of good teeth FAR outnumbers the bad.
You have far more good teeth but it's the bad teeth that get all of the attention. One bad tooth can cause us so much pain thatwe forget about all of the good.
So it is with life.One bad relationship and we think all men/women are bad.
One bad experience with a member of a different race. religion or culture and we think all who are different from us are bad.
A company can have a thousand employees and we can have one bad experience with an obnoxious employee and we think the whole company is bad.
One bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch but it will eventually spoil the whole bunch if you don't remove the bad apple. Infection spreads.
Some things you have to extract to keep it from spoiling the whole bunch.Like someone a child) had to get his two front teeth extracted to prevent further pain and to even prevent the spread of infection to the rest of his body.
Extraction of things in our lives is often necessary but seldom pleasant.
He had to be sedated, strapped down, and numbed.He still hollered.
Eagles fly high but have you ever noticed eagles don't have a lot of stuff strapped on their backs.
Some of us haven't reached the heights that we are destined to reach because we haven't extracted some things.It's too much on our backs and in our spirits.
You know what things they are.As plain as I am writing this and as clear as you can see theseletters, you know what things in your life need extracting.We all have them.Extraction hurts but the continuing pain of decay hurts evenworse and for much longer..More often than not, people will have major problems by the time they schedule counseling. Many are helped through counsel.Even though I can often see things that they cannot, most of thestuff that they need to change, THEY ALREADY KNOW!"I know I need to do this""I know I need to change that""I know this is wrong""I know I shouldn't feel this way""I know I should leave this relationship""I know this is not good""I know I should. . . "Many already know the things in their life that need to beextracted.So do you.The problem is not the knowledge in many instances.It's the pain of extraction.Pulling anything with deep roots is a problem.
The closer anyone is to the child and the further they are from maturity, the more sedation, straps and numbing they will need.
A child will even endure the pain for months or years until thetooth eventually falls out from the decay.Often we endure the pain far longer than necessary until it falls out and has nearly knocked us out.
Learn the lesson of extraction.For though we may have far more good teeth,This is a lesson we all need to know.You just need to remove some things.Just as a hot air balloon is mired to the ground with sandbagsoften so are we.It's not that we don't have the wind to fly,we've just got too many sandbags.Some need to be extracted and then we can fly.
BTW i wanted to ask..has anybody seen Shree Krishna on Colors? Not for anything religious or something well made, but watch it once to see that child who is portraying krishna....I find him out of this is mesmerising to watch him..walking, talking doing pranks and all that, fantabulous!


Pixie said…
Lovely post Renu! :-)

Yea... the decayed and the rotten should be extracted - tooth or people from our lives and we need to move on...

I have watched it, but I have certain issues with letting a kid so small act with so much of chemical on his body in terms of makeup and the shooting schedules and all that...
but, the kid is cute :)
beautiful article. Often we concentrate on only the negatives. You are right there are so many thing in this world to be thankful for.

Many of us just ignore the rotten. But as you say unless it is extracted the rotten spreads.

I dont get to see colours because I am on Dish tv :(
Chriz said…
mmmmmm... my niece plays with colours.. and she drinks the water in the water color...
Renu is this an awesome piece. I like the way the message is embodied and the analogies. I believe in every word here. Extraction is difficult and painful and sometimes for fear of the pain we just live with it....But when one does extract the relieve it brings far outweight the pain :)
Ajit said…
Lovely article....
seems so true in life that one experience can change the way we look at other people....
Smriti said…
Great article!

I see that you've got lot more awards :) Congratulations Ma! I also like the photo of narangis at naani's place. Didn't know she planted one :(
Shilpa said…
Loved the analogy
Renu said…
Pixie: Thanks:)
about the kids working on Tv its a separately debatable issue:)but without children we wont enjoy any serial, movie or ad so much, so i dont know what is right:)

L Venkata Subramaniyam: I feel that positivity and judiciousness in life always gets good results:)

even on Dish TV one can watch colors..actually colors in in a different umbrella of channels...but that boy is a miracle..getting a child with those looks and then his dress acting everything is superb.
Renu said…
Chriz: Innocence of the childhood is the best gift of god.

JCMA: I am like that, normally I tolerate a lot, but once my limit is crossed by ANYBODY ..I just cut them off from my life and they dont exist for me any more....and I nevr turn back for them.
Renu said…
Ajit; And I have seen those fist impressions being wrong many time in my life:)

Smriti: Thank U:), yes naani has those Bonsai plants in her lawn..even for guavas andthe guavas are small but extremely sweet:)
Renu said…
Shilp: Thanks:)
One bad experience makes one Cautious to move ahead freely.
Shalom said…
Oh thank you so much Renu for sharing this ..... its just the message needed for some people I know and love, who are unfortunately going through bad times right now. Thanks again :)
Deeps said…
so very well thought out post,Renu.Very very thought provoking.Its so right that we seem to know what are problems are and where they lie and yet we find it so difficult to take them off the roots.
Thank you so much for sharing:)
missin u n ur blog renu .. m chekin from a net centre in blore.. no net access here at home.. will b bak in chennai by end of week and b bak in blogospehre as well will read n comment on all ur posts i ve missed :)

i ve replied to ur comment on my blog tho :)
sunder said…
dont you think too much perfection is bit dull..i feel one should have some bad long it does not affect the good teeth fine...
Piper .. said…
Loved this post Renu! I`m in the category of people of think 'I know I should..But.." :) I wish it was as easy as it is to read this post :( but its not. Really its not.
A fabulous analogy to the eagle.An awesome piece of writing!
Renu said…
HOBO: being cautious is always good:)

Shalom: Its difficult message though:)

Deeps; Yeah, we all know the problem and the solution even but hesitate to take the action for fear of consequences.

Sansmerci: same here, i am also missing you, and thank u so much for taking time to answer my query inspite of being busy and without internet at home, BTW put some of ur shopping spree..s on the blog:) for us to know
Renu said…
Sunder; Yes, u have given a new perspective to this idea... even I think that perfection is neither very food for us not feasible, but the important thing is we must not suffer for any thing.

Piper; Its not easy, but can be done, just make up your mind and then no second thoughts or discussions:)
starry nights said…
Renu..loved how you wrote this post and the wonderful true one bad apple in a basket of good ones can spoil all the apples.I agree that extraction even though painful is better than continuing to be in pain .Atleast you can start anew.
Vishal said…
what an amazing article...really opens up my mind and encourages positive thinking.
Sandhya said…
Awsome post, Renu! Bad tooth theory applies in so many ways in life. As you said, we have to make up our mind and extract and throw it off, though it is painful for sometime.

If somebody hurts me with whom I had been sincere, I find it very difficult to come closer to them, ever again. I know it is wrong. Nobody, including me is perfect and I try my best to remember it! huh!

I like the child in Krishna serial. He is cute but the dubbing voice is very very artificial. It irritates me. I was watching for sometime and now have stopped!
Balvinder Singh said…
Renu, so much said in so few words. Thought provoking indeed.
Balvinder Singh said…
Renu, so much said in so few words. Thought provoking indeed.
Swats said…

Thts all I want to say :)
Renu said…
Starry nights; I got it in the email:), and I totally agree with this and even follow this strictly.

Vishal:Positive thinking is the clue to happiness.

Sandhya: I think Sandhya you are right in not ever coming close to that person. Its better for the peace in our life that we stay away from the negative people, I do that.

As for has improved a lot, I feel awed , u see I am a religious person and watching krishna with all his naughtiness .
gives me immense pleasure:)

Swats: Thanx:)
Solilo said…
Renu, That was so beautifully written. You are right.

Hope we extract the rotten ones as soon as the pain starts or else it spoils the rest too.
Renu said…
Solilo: Thanx:) needs courage but better do it.
Renu said…
Balvinder singh: Thanx:)
learn to let go!

thats the tuffest things to learn and follow but the quickest way to happiness!

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