Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine & rang de

Got this in email from my brother, and I laughed so much that I couldnt stay without sharing it...........enlarge it to read it..really funny:)
Now about my earlier post Rang de...Most of the readers feel skeptical and they are right too..this is what scamsters have made us, but I got this mail thru BITSAA..that means somebody from BITSPILANI..believes in this and it gives me some confidence, secondly this organisation has been featured in Outlook money and a few other also...Initially I have invested only 5000/---, I always believe that.....if I am going thru a good time, then no harm in giving as I have enough, and if I am going through a bad time, then I must give, because as it is, it is not going to stay with me:), and presently it is a small amount, I have lost much more thru raju's:) i dont worry about getting it back..BUT if it makes even one person comfortable...I will be the happiest person....its my personal feeling.


Solilo said...

Renu, That is hilarious :)):))

I read another one where a girl is with her 'gay' friend and pleads to goons that please don't make me marry him. He is gay.

Anonymous said...

What an idea.
May I join school ?

manju said...

Thanks for the laugh! :)

BTW, I love your blog. Will be back to read past posts.

Anonymous said...

the cartoon is funny!

And about Rang De - there was a movie on this venture as well, the one in which Sikandar Kher made his debut, can't remember the name now.

Yup, I guess, this amount that you pay is sort of a donation and not an investment. Think of it that way.

Reflections said...

Rang de sounds interesting. I have some pocket money which is gathering dust;-D.
"if I am going thru a good time, then no harm in giving as I have enough, and if I am going through a bad time, then I must give, because as it is, it is not going to stay with me:)"

I like ur attitude towards life, Renu:-)).

Renu said...

Solio: yeah i also laughed a lot:)

Hobo; :)

manju: Thanx for the visit, keep coming:)

Rakesh; The movie was ...summer of 2007.
I am doing it as a social investment..if it turns out well will do more, and if it doesnt, then I will think of it as a donation.

Balvinder Singh said...

I think the misdeed by the goons of Mutalik has actually proven counter productive for them as the pink campaign has made its mark in the sense that Mutalik has promised that he will not raise any protests against the couples found together on the Valentines day as he was planning to marry them off earlier. Well kudos to the crusaders.

Sandhya said...

Hahaha hehehe...Nice one. Anyone wants to get married without the consent of their parents can do this now without fear!!!!! Blame on the Ram Sena!!!! Good one, Renu.

Rang de is interesting. Will check it. Bit busy at present.

Pixie said...

yea, this pic is very funny! :D

SR said...

Totally crazy cartoon! Hilarious :)

Renu said...

balvinder; :)

Sandhya: good advice to the youngsters:)

PIXIE & SR: I still laugh as soon as I see this cartoon:)

The blogger formerly known as Sansmerci said...

hehehe... very good one :D lol!

Renu said...

reflection: Thanks:), but isnt it true? money never stays with us if its not supposed to:)

TBFKAS; Thanx Swarna:)

Reflections said...

Yes Renu, I too believe tht just like I believe the money we save by paying someone less will definitely go to pay the doctors bills[actually there is a malayalam proverb like tht;-D]

And also believe in Daane daane par likha hai khanae wale ka naam.

J P Joshi said...

How very right you are about money. I hardly had any when I worked my hardest, and had more than I deserved when I hardly worked.

The cartoon is sure giving ideas to people, as brought out in the comments.

Piper .. said...

huh? I thought I did post a comment earlier on. Anyway, hilarious cartoon Renu!!
Happy Valentine`s day!

Renu said...

Reflections: true, thats why I dont believe in bargaining too much with vegetable vendors and all:) But tell me one thing how do u know such good hindi? surprising to see someone malyali..knowing the colloqial Hindi:), hindi me kehte hain.....jab accha samay ha to kya chinta,khoob daan do, aur jab bura samay ha to kya chinta kyonki burey samay me dhan tikta nahi aap chahe jo karo:)

JPJoshi; I always believe that money is necessary upto a limit but worrying too much about it doesnt help:)

Piper; You posted on Rang de:)
cartoons like this..I really love because..jab bhi dekhti hoon fir se hansi aati ha and laugh is the best thing that happens to us isnt it?

Reflections said...

:-)) mother is a B'ed in my base was pucca when I was small. I remember in 2nd std I was the only girl in my class who could read fluently.
Nowadays actually I cant talk very well coz I dont use it tht much...& ofcourse I love hindu serials:-D....nonsense I knw but I still enjoy them:-D

Anonymous said...

Let me add a thought - probably based on a Samskrit 'shloka' --> Do not think of saving money for your kids .. if they are good ('saputa') they will create their own wealth and if they are bad ('kaputa') they would waste it anyway :-)

So, let's share the colors & joys of life ... through!

Deeps said...

Hi renu,heres a tag fr u.Do do it as and when you please.The post has somehow got all haywire and I'm not able to fix it.Pls bear with me.
Havent read this post of yours.Going out of town.will come bk n read peacefully:)
A very happy valentine's day to you!

DeeplyDip said...

there'a a tag for you on my blog...come take it!

Destination Infinity said...

Your attitude towards money closely resembles mine! And I second one of the above commenters who has advised not to save money either if you have clever kids or otherwise!

BTW I am also tagging you on the topic "Slow Melodious and Soulful Songs"

Destination Infinity

Renu said...

Reflections: I cant believe that you cant speak, I have guagd fro your comments only that you know Hindi perfectly:)

Unique Ideas: I know this proverb..true also:)
Thanks for dropping, hope to see you here more often.

Deeplydip; Thanx:) will take it:)

DI: :) we have similar thoughts:)

and what Unique Ideas said is a famous Hindi proverb.

Thanks for tagging me, have seen it, will do it certainly:)

Reflections said...


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