Tuesday, February 17, 2009


BHOOTNATH: ...I saw this movie and loved it, just for that child..so adorable and cute.. and the ghost..Amitab bacchan ,the story is about a so called haunted house where a ghost wont let anybody stay and then there comes the family of Shahrukh, Juhi and their son..How the son get friendly to the ghost and how his love for the ghost changes the ghost even..of course in the end it gets too mushy and tearjerker, but all in all I liked it..thru the movie one gets many messages also...like...there is no magic in life, its only hard work that succeeds,but one thing I dont like that in most of the movies they brand the children as the villains if they go and settle abroad..here i beg to differ, parents shouldnt be the weakness of their children, rather their strength, and children's future is supreme, they are the future and they cant go backward in life..yes here the son and DIl are shown to be very uncaring and rude, that is bad, but settling abroad or anywhere else shouldnt be branded, shouldnt the parents respect the choices of their children and support them... I would love to see a movie where they show some solution of lonely parents in a positive way and thats why i always say ..remove a stigma from old age homes, may be give them a new name like..senior citizen/s resort or something like that, improve the facilities, and then the aged parents can also give a new dimension to their old lives instead of pining for their children...living together is not always a solution, rather sometimes a beginning of problems also.
DOATANA: It has everything..big stars, good locales and a different story, but the second half looses connection, as turns to routine wooing. First half is hilarious, the highlights of this movie;
The scene where someone from immigration office comes to check them and the behaviour and mannerism of John:), and even Boman Irani......but do the gays really walk and talk like that....its like making yourself so conspicuous.and shouting to the world..which they ..I think wouldnt want to do.
Kiron Kher...she is a delight to watch.
Sushmita bundela Mukherjee is also looking good , but it is sick the way they manipulate a young child,second half is quite slow and boring,and for the twist in the end:)......fifty percent is left to guess.
Abhishek,John are Ok, but Priyanka is good

THE TRAIN..This is a small budget movie-- a thriller and i found it quite engrossing and interesting...in a very simple way it is shown how an unhappy person in a weak moment can get attached to the wrong people and then being a conscientious one he can ruin whatever he has due to his sincerity..... its a story of Vishal dixit( Imran hashmi), an advertisement executive with an unhappy wife and a daughter who needs a kidney transplant.They have saved enough money ad just waiting for the donor.In the meantime Vishal meets a girl in the train and gets attracted to her for her simplicity and good and understanding nature and the rest is history:)--worth watching:)
I saw 13 GOING ON 30.....liked it, but realised it that we deride bollywood so much on cliche situations, but the same thing happens Hollywood also.....last minute realisations, vamp creating a misunderstanding etc....


Balvinder Singh said...

I have seen only Bhootnath that too in instalments on my cable TV. Sometimes when i put on the TV and switch to some movie channel i start watching the movie if it is interesting regardless of the fact that half of it has already passed. Then next time i watch the first half.
Thanks for the reviews Renu.

Sandhya said...

Hello, Renu, I have not seen any of the movies you have mentioned. But might watch some day!

I read an article about the parents of the children who are living abroad. They have formed a group in Bangalore and meet often in some place. They plan and go out together to some interesting place or do some other activities together. They help each other when in need. Though the parents have enough money, somebody should be there to take care of them and their day to day problems, like hiring a good driver, cook etc.etc. The article was good - I must have read in Outlook mag.

SR said...

hi renu

This train movie is a remake of a tamil movie by gautham menon which was released last year! Also I think I will watch Bhootnath now..it seems interesting though inspired :)

Renu said...

Balvinder; i also never saw it, as there was not many favourable reviews, but this weekend I happen to see it and wanted to share myb feelings.

Sandhya: The child in Bhootnath(Yash Thakur i think) is a delight to watch.
For parents I think we must have some assisted living type, as they have abroad, like Dignity living have organised in matheraan, we must have these things in every city.

SR: I think most of the succesful movies of south are made in Hindi also..tried and tested:) so a safer venture...Bhootnath is the one I found similarity with your canterville Ghost..post.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Havent seen Bhootnath. My kids are 6 and 4 and I am always looking for hindi movies they can watch. I wonder if it is suitable for kids viewing?

I agree with you about Dostana. It was fun until the horrible manipulation of the child started. Totally put me off the movie after that.

Solilo said...

I watch just few movies. Never watch any of Emran Hashmi's movies. I am allergic to that guy.

I watched Dostana and thought it just made fun of gays. Also even though John and Abhishek were trying hard, it was Bobby Deol who without any effort looked Gay.

Solilo said...

The train is a remake of Hollywood film with Jennifer Aniston. I forgot the name.

Renu said...

Another Kiran in NYC: Welcome to my home !, Cant say about kids..though movie is good...and they have shown it that the child is not scared as he believes there are no ghost only angels....and many day to day lessons are given to the child by his ghost friend...I think u can show it to your kids, or u watrch it first.

Renu said...

Solilo: Even i dont like hashmi much, but all his movies are crisp and taut, I cant deny that.

Most of the time first I watch Hindi version, then the one it is inspired from:)

In bollywood , most of time we are having a laugh at the cost of either tall or lame, or dark, or regional lang.etc, and thats what I wanted to know..do the gays walk like that? We form an opinion and expression as we watch them in movies, are they really like that?

Renu said...

Goofy mama: welcome to my blog, I saw ur comment and I dont know why its not here:), thanks for blog rolling me!

Pixie said...

I liked Dostana for various reasons but the major one was for John! :D

haven't watched Bhootnath for a very simple reason - AB looks very untidy in the movie and that put me off from watching it!

Train is ok too... liked it.

13 GOING ON 30 - have to watch this... :) not sure if i have watched it once before!

Amrita said...

from this post the takeaway for me was the thing you said about old age homes...even i believe we should remove the stigma attached to old age homes.. not only if kids settle abroad.. wht if the parents have daughters and they end up being married far away from their home town... when they are old, it might not be possible for the girls to bring them to their own house cos of any reason, then it is best they can be taken care of in some place and have people of their generation whom they can interact and spend time with.... of course old age homes should not be a substitute for personal care.. but it should be like thorough care...

Renu said...

PIXIE: AB loks untidy, but in the beginning only,afterwards her is well dressed but in the beginning also that child compensates for everything..its an emotional movie:)

13 going on 30..is good and makes one realise so many things,normally not given a thought:)

Amrita: Its my dream to work in a well furnished Old age home...my brother keeps saying that he will make an old age home and I will be given charge to look after this, dont know when:(.

Shalom said...

Have seen only Dostana of these three & I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was also disgusted by how John & Abhi used the kid, but in context of the movie it made sense. Unless they are fathers or uncles, I find most guys are unaware of how sensitive kids are and how carefully you need to deal with them.

You have also been tagged, btw!!!

Renu said...

Shalom: you are right, though in Biwi No.1 also children were manipulated, but in a light hearted way, but here it was quite vicious. All-in-all I also enjoyed the movie.
Tahnks for tagging, I have a few due, will start doing one by one:)

SMRITI said...

A Big hello and Hugs to my Blog-mother :) :)

I havent seen Bhoothnath and THE TRAIN yet but saw Dostana on Sunday. When Disc 1 ended, I couldn't bear to watch Disc 2 within the first few mins of putting it in the DVD player.

I agree with your point about showing people who go abroad as being sensitive towards their parents. My cousin brother has been in the US for over 15 yrs now, he married and settled there and has 2 beautiful children. He calls up everyday to enquire about his parents well being and makes sure they have a trip here once every 2 years, and their parents visit them on the alternate years. Their kids are more rooted with all the traditional values than even we probably are. I remember my nephew coming up to me and narrating the story of Baka-sura in a heavy American accent but I was surprised with the 6 year old's story telling ability. I agree, we need more movies to highlight the good side of things....unfortunately I think the Industry thinks that sob-stories would be the ones that sell. Hope for a good change soon :)

Nice Reviews :) Loads of Love :)

P.S Lemme know next time U in Hyderabad :)

Renu said...

Smriti: I am so happy to see you here smiling:)

Here we become quite regressive..wanting our kids to stay here at the cost of their happiness or their career, but living together is not everything in life...as in everything else, here also we must progress, find other ways. Your telling me about ur nephew reminded me that my sister's son is in canada ,knows more about Indian gods and mythological stories, whereas kids in India are leaning towards spiderman , harry potter etc.
Secondly I think, once we decide to stay in another country..some adaptation is a must, we must not stick out like a sour thumb.

I am waiting for my Hyd trip so eagerly this time because of you only:)..may be end of march, will tell u in advance as soon as i get my resrvation:)

Anonymous said...

Delhi - 6
hurrayyy !!!

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