Thursday, February 19, 2009


Daily when I open the paper, I read:......
1--A labourer killed because he threw a stone at a woman.
2--A boy hanged himself because his sister used his shampoo sachet.
3-A girl committed suicide because she didnt like the frock, her father brought for her Bday.
4--A boy killed his father or grandmother,when she didnt give him money.
5-Legislators manhandled in lok sabha.
6-HC turns war zone...and so on
What are we becoming..lawless, insensitive and totally aggressive.....and why? is it development? or progress? And if this is the human face of development, werent we better off without it?

Why life and property has become so cheap, almost no value or importance given to it, whenevr someone is angry....destroy something, someone or some property, why this negative sentiments always? What is the reason behind so much of aggression?

Answers are not so simple , we have come here due to the slow erosion of values and this culture of covetousness, earlier we thought we shall get everything slowly as and when the time comes, but today everything must come, will come, no matter what, and whether the time has come or not and whenevr that is not possible.. we explode.

I will say how does it make a difference.......

If we havent seen many countries..its not necessary to see the world.
If we dont have a big car
If we dont have a big house
If we dont have a big wardrobe......These things are all optional, but what is required is that..

We have honesty, integrity, ethics, all-in-all a good character.The more we emphasize on the character better it will be for future generation.
1--it happened because of the intolerance of people.
2--Here the child was not taught sharing.....sharing must be taught, not only for siblings but generally.
3--It happened, because we dont teach the children the value of delayed gratification, everything is instant.
4--No values here.
5-No discipline and always a show of power.
6-- here I wonder..if custodians of law themselves break the law what will happen,One thing i always believe that once someone decides to be a citizen of a should conform to the laws of that country and be loyal to place of his residence.
Till we keep respecting the people because of their clothes and houses,instead of their principles and values, we cant bring a change, this is what I thing...what do you think?


manju said...

Renu- Nice post! As you say, the answers are not simple.

As our society becomes more 'modern', it seems that we have discarded our old values, but have not accepted any new values in their place.

So as a society, we give less importance to life and property and more to social status.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

I am personally not so pessimistic about who we are and what are values are nowadays.

I am not sure that in the old days ... whatever old means to each one of us... things were better or more moral. Human beings have always been this way. Nasty, selfish, jealous and warlike. We have always lived amongst conflict.

I am sure people in the 16th century also bemoaned how terrible they were becoming compared to the moral values in the 15th century and so on backwards.

But having those awful qualities and seeing the consequences on occasion also allows us to celebrate and appreciate the contrast offered by the good part that also lies in all of us.

We need the evil to appreciate and uphold the good.

It is what we all are... flawed and wonderfully human.

Or am I just being deliberately Naive?

Sandhya said...

Interesting post, Renu. But I feel it is the effect of too much media exposure in TV and newspapers. One of my relative's daughter who is 12 years old, wrote an essay about 'good earth' conducted by National Geographic channel and got selected to go to Washington for a week alongwith one more girl from Delhi and two from Kolkata. How many of us register this news if we read it and definitely this is not a juicy news. So the media does not hype it. I have not yet read it in the paper or saw in the news channel. So they go after negative news which will register in our mind easily. So many channels are there nowadays and where will all of them go for news? So even a tiny village murder will get prominence.

As you said, our tolerance level is becoming lesser and lesser because of the pressures we face from everywhere and there is no time for anyone for any leisure hobbies or anything. So the mind keeps boiling all the time and if it catches a small spark, it bursts out.

We should learn to relax in some way and everything will be rosy rosy! Right? As usual, I like your selection of topics, Renu!

Destination Infinity said...

In this fast paced world, we no longer need to wait for a lifetime to see the effects of bad morality - These days, even that is becoming more and more instant.

Whether it is the older days or the latest times, you always reap what you sow!! Becoming technologically advanced cannot change those basic values!

Destination Infinity

A rebel all the way... said...

I liked your point about delayed gratification and how it holds no importance these days.
I don't know whether our social values have changed, but what we value, definitely has. These days money, power and fame is all people seem to care about. I am not saying it is wrong, but being blinded by these things IS!
Everyone is in such a hurry these days. People do not have time to reflect on their actions, they do not have time to take into account the feelings of other human beings.
Sadly, honesty, integrity, ethics are just words these days. They hold no importance whatsoever. They look good on paper, but in practice, they have lost their relevance completely.
It is a sad state of affairs indeed, but I do not see it changing in the near future.

Smriti said...

This has bothered me too - everytime I look at news it's either murders or killings or riots or corruption charges or some such thing. Sometimes I feel that I should stop reading it coz it is so depressing.

We need to be self-satisfied and we need to value a person for who he is rather than what he is. We need to be socially responsible and we need to be giving.

Renu said...

Manju: yeah, thats why I say that we must give respect to the person, not to his/her finances or power or chair.

Another Kiran In NyC : yeah we need evil to appreciate the goodness, but it must be like salt in Daal, not daal in salt.
In every age we will be bemoaning abt something, but as we are progressing, we must be mopre aware of what is good and what is bad, specially after looking at the results.....a child killing another child brutally, or a small child comitting suicide for a avery minor thing...can we take it as normal evil?
me thinks, something is drastically wrong with us and its time we took stock and brought a change

Renu said...

Sandhya; You are ban on the right point..we are always stressed out, but why?....why so much pressure on performance? what it will get us? ,fame and money,, wahi na?
You are right about media also..instead of spreading good, they always sensationalise the bad in society, but even then its happening na, why?
And thank u Sandhya:) you are always generous to me:).

DI: you have put it so correctly....
Whether it is the older days or the latest times, you always reap what you sow!! Becoming technologically advanced cannot change those basic values!

I think we must start moral science from the very basic level, when my children studied, it was there in the primary.

Renu said...

Rebel; I always believed in honest and ethics, for me a vegetable vendor doing his bussiness honestly is more respectable that Ambani.
I remebered that when I started a departmental store, my father felt very unki beti kaam kar rahi ha, and he didnt want anyone to know even, i told him that you always respect those inspectors who take bribe and feeling insulted by my honest work/ why? feel proud of me, and later on he understood it and felt very proud of me also:)

I have a strong conviction that nobody can get overnight rich with honest means, and always that extraordinary profits people show ,hide their dubious means and money.

Smriti: You need not to stop reading, but be the change you want ! Its yopur generation only which can change the world.

J P Joshi said...

"Why life and property has become so cheap, almost no value or importance given to it, whenevr someone is angry....destroy something, someone or some property, why this negative sentiments always? What is the reason behind so much of aggression?" This is something that bothers me too. Everyday we continue to destroy our national and private wealth for the flimsiest of reasons. I too wonder at times as to what is the direction we are headed, but I do agree with one comment that a large number of positive things are happening too that are sadly ignored by the media...not news worthy???

Piper .. said...

Renu, I agree. But its difficult to instill a solid value-system in children when you`re raising them in a materialistic world, is it not??

Renu said...

JP JOSHI: I never support strikes and destroyinbg buses buildings for whatsoever reason it may, nothing can justify destruction.
It is true that media ignores positive news, but whatevr the negative news is there..that is too disturbing too.

Piper: yes my dear, it is difficult but not impossible, but for that we will have to lead by example.

Anonymous said...

Renu, I feel truly blessed for having 'u' as a friend..good to know thre r a few like u who still care for ethics and morals..who still appreciate integrity and honesty..

Anonymous said...

Basics are missing or lost somewhere.

Solilo said...

Renu, We are becoming less tolerant each day. In every setup we find the bad elements.

SR said...

That was nice. I liked your analysis. This post is quite thought provoking.

Renu said...

Solio; today also i saw the news and one boy was killed by other one, My heart went out to the father wailing, I cant imagin giving someone so much grief, iots only a matter of changing your mind set.

SR: I feel that like minded people, if make effort, a lot can be changed:)

Renu said...

Swats:Than you Swats ! thats why u r my blog daughter:)

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