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I was reading about dowry and marriage on Swats blog and then all the comments also.I am also strictly against dowry, but first we must understand clearly the meaning of dowry also.
For me dowry means anything which is demanded and given unwillingly. But i dont consider anything and everything given to daughters as dowry, because daughter or son , parents give it to both, whereas sons always get the major part( and this is also justified because traditionally son bore all the duties and took responsibility of the parents), daughters get something as a part of gifts given to them on different occasions,.Dont the parents of a boy also do a lot for couple? so why this discrimination when it comes to girls.
Dowry system cant be abolished by girls saying we wont let our parent s give anything, for this to be effective, girls will have to also sacrifice something. Whenever there is a choice between two matrimonial candidates where both are equally qualified but one is from a rich family an…


Now You must be thinking what this photo says..its about holding hands..Yes that is tag and I am tagged by Deeps. This is a very unique tag, and I sat over it for a long time also, wondering what to write. Now i am not going to look for the meaning of this, rather going to tell you what it means for me.

The very first holding of hand in anyone's life is always from parents, but I dont remember my parents ever holding my hand. My father being a businessman was always very busy, so much so that if ever we planned an evening show for movies ( you know that is the one thing which has made me fight with everyone, I was addicted to movies, my ultimate idea of entertainment in my young days:), we were lucky if we could watch night show, and my mother being in a joint family was always busy in the house.So i remember only either servants or my grandpa holding my hand and taking me to fete or evening walk (and on the way telling me stories about people and virtues) and in those days holdi…


Daily when I open the paper, I read:......
1--A labourer killed because he threw a stone at a woman.
2--A boy hanged himself because his sister used his shampoo sachet.
3-A girl committedsuicide because she didnt like the frock, her father brought for her Bday.
4--A boy killed his father or grandmother,when she didnt give him money.
5-Legislators manhandled in loksabha.
6-HC turns war zone...and so on
What are we becoming..lawless, insensitive and totally aggressive.....and why? is it development? or progress? And if this is the human face of development, werent we better off without it?

Why life and property has become so cheap, almost no value or importance given to it, whenevr someone is angry....destroy something, someone or some property, why this negative sentiments always? What is the reason behind so much of aggression?

Answers are not so simple , we have come here due to the slow erosion of values and this culture of covetousness, earlier we thought we shall get everything s…

Picture Tag

I was tagged by Shilpa and Ajit and the rules are:........

Pick the 6th picture of your 6th photo folder.
Tell a story around it.
Pass it on to six other people you like. I have been thinking about this tag for a long time, but didnt know what to write. Above is the picture from the sixth folder and sixth one. This is the temple in Kanchipuram. Whenever I visit any Temple in south..I am awed by the structure , magnificence and the vastness of the place. We have such a grand culture inheritance in these temples and they are visited by the multitude of people, everywhere I find throngs of crowd..long queues but feel sad to see that nowhere they maintain cleanliness, why? In a country like India, where we have so much of unemployment and will not be difficult to hire a person for cleaning and since most of the places levy a fee , and other wise also everybody is offering something for Pooja or sankalp, then finance also must not be a problem, then what is the reason? When to…


BHOOTNATH: ...I saw this movie and loved it, just for that adorable and cute.. and the ghost..Amitab bacchan ,the story is about a so called haunted house where a ghost wont let anybody stay and then there comes the family of Shahrukh, Juhi and their son..How the son get friendly to the ghost and how his love for the ghost changes the ghost even..of course in the end it gets too mushy and tearjerker, but all in all I liked it..thru the movie one gets many messages is no magic in life, its only hard work that succeeds,but one thing I dont like that in most of the movies they brand the children as the villains if they go and settle i beg to differ, parents shouldnt be the weakness of their children, rather their strength, and children's future is supreme, they are the future and they cant go backward in life..yes here the son and DIl are shown to be very uncaring and rude, that is bad, but settling abroad or anywhere else shouldnt be brande…

Valentine & rang de

Got this in email from my brother, and I laughed so much that I couldnt stay without sharing it...........enlarge it to read it..really funny:)
Now about my earlier post Rang de...Most of the readers feel skeptical and they are right too..this is what scamsters have made us, but I got this mail thruBITSAA..that means somebody from BITSPILANI..believes in this and it gives me some confidence, secondly this organisation has been featured in Outlook money and a few other also...Initially I have invested only 5000/---, I always believe that.....if I am going thru a good time, then no harm in giving as I have enough, and if I am going through a bad time, then I must give, because as it is, it is not going to stay with me:), and presently it is a small amount, I have lost much more thruraju's:) i dont worry about getting it back..BUT if it makes even one person comfortable...I will be the happiest person....its my personal feeling.


One day , when I went to the market I bought the magazine..Outlook money..I like it very much, to read about personal finance management. And here I read about an organisation in micro financing, i had read about all this a lot, but this was the first time I found the address and could read everything in detail and i liked the concept very much. And see the coincidence, next day I get an email regarding the same it is..Dear Friends,I am writing today to introduce Rang De - India's first peer to peer micro lending platform with a mission to make low cost micro credit a reality.Rang De is an innovative attempt to bring down the cost of micro credit by enabling individuals to lend small sums of money via RangDe.Org. Rang De hopes to reach out and include people to whom even ‘traditional micro credit’ is unaffordable. Rang De is a non profit entity with the sole object of connecting individuals who need money to social investors like you. Rang De will create a sustainable …


Got it in the mail, have added a few myself:)

The Movie Encyclopedia==========

There are some things in life that you would never know if itweren't for Hollywoodor Bollywood

A great movie – "The Family Man"
Every married man with kids should see this

.Without The Movies you wouldn't know this:

** During all police investigations, it will be necessary to visit a strip club at least once

.** When they are alone, all foreigners prefer to speak English to each other.

** If being chased through town, you can usually take covering a passing St. Patrick's Day parade - at any time of year.or a baraat or kawaali in India.

** All beds have special L-shaped cover sheets which reachup to the armpit level on a woman but only to the waist levelon the man lying beside her.

** The Chief of Police will almost always suspend his stardetective - or give him 48 hours to finish the job.

** All grocery bags contain at least one stick of FrenchBread.

** It's easy for anyone(specia…


This week has been a fabulous one for sports people and the country, First Bhupathi and Sania won the Grand Slam in Mixed was the first For Sania and 7th for bhupathi, and then Dhoninedhodaala:), they beat Srilanka at their grounds the second time. So this is the jubilation time for us, but this post is not about the merry making but about how to dress.....In the evening our team was invited to meet the president of Srilanka... The sight of our players sauntering casually in T.shirts and jeans was quite inappropriate , as they were there as the sports ambassador of our country and there was a lot of noise on TV about why they didnt follow the protocol and I started wondering why........
Why this generation has a abhorrence for protocols or traditions?
Why they give so much importance to comfort and none for propriety?
Personally I have always felt that by dressing properly we are giving respect to the host or guest due to them,according to the occasion. In the earlier day…


Count how many good teeth you have.
.So you now know how many good teeth you have.
Did you notice something?
For the vast majority, the number of good teeth FAR outnumbers the bad.
You have far more good teeth but it's the bad teeth that get all of the attention. One bad tooth can cause us so much pain thatwe forget about all of the good.
So it is with life.One bad relationship and we think all men/women are bad.
One bad experience with a member of a different race. religion or culture and we think all who are different from us are bad.
A company can have a thousand employees and we can have one bad experience with an obnoxious employee and we think the whole company is bad.
One bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch but it will eventually spoil the whole bunch if you don't remove the bad apple. Infection spreads.
Some things you have to extract to keep it from spoiling the whole bunch.Like someone a child) had to get his two front teeth extracted to prevent further pain…