Sunday, May 30, 2010


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How much I wanted to see this movie and I was kind of dissatisfied with the story.This movie is about a rich spoilt son of a hardworking self made man.And this boy changes when he falls in love, though he doesnt know it........what I liked....
Ranbir kappor..he is so cute and innocent looking and full of life
Konkona sen sharma....she is my favourite actress, though here she is not at her best.
Shikha Talsania and Namit Das..both as friends of Ranbir are very good.
Rahul also OK here, though normally I like him as he looks so dashing and suave.
In the songs I liked Man Bawra more than Ik tara.

Now what didn't gel with me....

Ranbir being so rude to his was so unbecoming.
Character of his mother played by Supriya not appealing at all, she looks pathetically gross and same for her character.
Ranbir .so young, just out of college and Konkona 27 year old..just didnt shouldnt be so blind.

I started watching Pyar Impossible but couldnt..Uday chopra is so unbearable.:).

Yesterday I watched Daredevil....its a sort of fantasy like batman, spider man.but it was fun watching blind hero (Ben Afleck) doing all those actions and the same goes for heroine(Jennifer Garner)..I like to see girls doing action so well with so much perfection.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Lucky Tag

The Chinese tag which is supposed t o be I am bringing luck today by doing it:) was tagged by Chanz.....

8 TV shows/News Channels I like to watch

I am not a TV addict at all and just get irritated by soaps, where heroines are super girls, and men are good for nothing, and then every thing always go wrong:)..still I like comedy or movies or some talk shows
1. Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai

2.Ghar Jamai

3.Jhoom India or something like this was there on Sahara..singing competition.

4.Full House

5.Boy meets the world

6.Koffee with Karan


8.Everybody Loves Raymond

8 Places to eat and dine...

I always try new places everywhere, now let me see what I can remember.....

1..Raintree..chennai.(eco hotel)


3.Copper & Chimney

4.Cafe Tapas

5.Green Park.Vadapalani.


7.Hyatt and Kanishka Delhi

8.There was this one very good hotel in Nagpur , I just cant remember the name, so instead of that I will say...Ohri's at Hyderabad Central

8Things I Look Forward To

1..I am looking forward to see my daughter's new home.

2..for summer to end..

3.for my 2 nephew's admissions... my trip to US next month.

5..Looking forward to have grand children:)


8 Things That Happened Yesterday
1. I had three baths..oh yes it was that hot. son called.
3.Got a gift from my children.
4.Saw my bro crying because his son is going away to study:)
5. got a long awaited cheque.
6.In the dinner I planned son papdi as a dessert, and then realised it was orange flavoured, and we couldnt take it( Friday we fast)..
7.First time I fried Makhanas and they were very tasty.
8.I read Cosmopolitan and totally felt out of the place.

8 Things I love about Winter
1..I just love winter:)
2.Can drink lots of tea.
3. enjoy the sun, sit outside
4.Then we munch on peanuts.
5.winter with it brings.gajar ka halwa:)
6.Love the feel of hiding behind the quilts..its long since we had that pleasure.
7.No sweating.
8. enjoy wearing sarees and accessories.

8 Things on my Wish-list

1.I want my family to be a cohesive one where youngsters respectful to elders and elders are forgiving and generous.
2.want to live a frugal life.
3.want to love one and all.
4.want my self to be a little practice attachment with detachment.
5.want to be independent forever..physically, financially and mentally.
6-want to live near nature.
7.Be forgiving.
8.To be generous in mind and spirit both.

8 Things I am Passionate about
1. reading
3.being kind and human to everybody.
4.being Eco friendly.
5.wastage of water irritates me too much.
6.want to buy only what I can use.
7. Dont like our culture of over feeding our guests and family, and buying everything more than we need as I feel that whenever we take anything extra, we snatch some one else's share, as god has made everything sufficient for all the people.
8.I believe in sharing.

8 Words/Phrases I often use
1. I read
3.Hey bhagwan

8 Things I learnt from the past
1. Dont expect anything from anyone as expectations always bring unhappiness.
2.Be circumspect.
3.Learn the boundaries of every relationship and respect them.
4.Neither exploit anyone, nor let yourself be taken for granted.
5.Dont run after anyone, as people are like shadow.
6. Never be rude to anyone, words hurt more than actions even.
7.Always do good, and it is bound to come back to you.
8. Never ever shirk from your duties, however cumbersome they may sound to you,, as they are the ultimate test of our character.

8 Places I would like to go /Visit

1.Ooty..though I have been there once, I want to go again.
8.Mount Abu

8 Things I currently need/want.....
I dont need anything at present, I have everything Iwant, I just need people:)

8 Blogging Buddies I want to Tag
3.Chandrika Shubham
5.Gauri Guha
7.Poonam J

Few numbers are left:)..I will try to fill them later on.

Monday, May 24, 2010

RoCKET SINGH..the sales man of the year.

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This is the movie about a young student..not so academic to get on the top, but dreaming of bright thing is clear that he knows what he wants and what he can embarks on the career of a salesman..And then he finds that sales targets are the most important thing in the career, nobody bothers how they are done. He thinks that business can be done with ethics and honesty, so he starts a mini enterprise, where few people join him one by one, and they all are partners not employees.their motto is...
They will not give any bribe to get any it watchman or the manager.
They will respect the people working with them.
For them after sale service will be more important than sales.

With these principles their company soars, initially they use the infrastructure of AYS where they work, but ultimately get caught...

This is eminently watchable film for....

Ranbir Kappor..he has portrayed a sardar, honest saleman as very lovable character.

Gauhar khan..As a receptionist aspiring to rise in AYS as manager, and then joining Ranbir..She is very endearing in her role...I would say she is the heroine of the movie, as Shazan Padamsee has a very small role and then she has no screen presence.

Naveen the boss of sales team, who knows how to make deals, and the memebr of Ranbir's team is just adorable...he excels in both parts..initially a cunning and clever wheeler dealer and then a conscientious person.

Prem chopra..As old grandfather of Ranbir.

D. Santosh...As incharge of maintenance for computers..

Mukesh Chotey lal mishra...With this character they have shown what work can be done if we just respect an individual.

Few things always remain with you after wathing this

Ranbir says to Puri..You looked only for numbers in business and ignored the people, but to me people are more important than numbers

Once either Puri or Rathore say to the team..Damn the customer, look at the targets, they must be met.

The office atmosphere is very natural and gives us an insight into sales mechanism.

Shimit Amin started the movie a little slowly, but then picked up very well, but they goofed up again in the end....The way Ranbir's company is returned to him in the end is all so filmy, and just doesnt go down well with the ethics of movie..instead they should have thought of something else..may be after 3 years ban period, they could all get together again and do it again, or anything else. A story with such a nice , brilliant idea and acting went down the drain for nothing.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My experience

In my vacations i met many people in different situations with different ideas, it was quite in the train there was this old man of 70, he was going to Coimbatore, his son is commissioner in PF department.His wife's mother lives with them in Lucknow, so one of them has to live with her , so he was going alone, he said that he keeps going to his son regularly is a social animal, and if parents dont meet often to children, they will make a bonding with someone else, so to keep their relationship alive he makes the trips regularly.and though his DIL is not very good person, but then in a household where 2 people(his son and grand son ) love him so much,one person not loving doesnt matter, he always thinks about his son and grandson.

Then there was this family with three children..two daughters one son, going to kerala, I noticed that one girl was , very well dressed but very quiet,not bubbly like rest two and she never demanded anything, and took everything very hesitantly.When we started talking, I came to know that she is not their daughter, but a cousin's and going with them to spend her holidays with her grand parents.Her mother has a full time job, so she gets very bored whole day and she wants to go somewhere else. I felt sad that an innocent child's childhood is going in vain, because her mother works, either because she wants to give material comforts to her child or she wants to utilises her capabilities..whatever it is but it is little kids like her who are getting short changed.Specially girls they need their mother to bloom, and in the formative years its necessary to have someone at home..those who dont have the facility to have parent or those who dont want to live with parents, must think twice before taking a full time job.

Then i met this acquaintance of mine, she got her son married six months back, as is the Indian milieu, whenever someone see the bride, they notice either the beauty or the dowry and when they saw that bride is plump and not so fair, everybody condemned them,saying that they didnt find a good match for their handsome son, without thinking how it must have hurt to them and bride too. now six months later, when that girl is turning out to be such an affectionate and caring DIL, everybody is eating his words.I feel really sad when I see that people give more importance to outward things then real qualities.That friend is so happy now.

As for the appearances go, while going two girls were sitting beside me, both in a very proper corporate attire, none was perfect in looks, but I found them very attractive for their confidence, for their attitude......

Then I met a family who was coming from abroad to Lucknow, and all the time they kept cribbing about the bad things in India, this irritates me a lot, this is your country and instead of trying to do something for it, you have gone abroad for greener pastures, and if there is nothing good about India, why come here?....I know that there are many problems here, but listening it from the people who dont reside here always rankles me.........

I met a family where two brothers and their families all live together, and they are so close that one brother's children always want to go out with other's wife. Children and their mothers are all so friendly to each other and affectionate, really made me happy to see that old India still lives in our hearts.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Yesterday I saw..HAM TUM AUR GHOST and I wanted to share my experience with you all..this is a wonderful movie with a unique idea..Arshad Warsi is a fashion photographer in love with Diya Mirja (daughter of a business tycoon who is as usual against this match), Sandhya Mridul is assisting Arshad. Problem arises when Arshad starts listening some voices and then sees spirits..and then the movie takes very different turn..he comes to know that all of them want him to help in something or else.all that is very emotional and heart wrenching to see..and it gives a very warm message that even after death, our loved ones cant live in peace if we are unhappy.
Loved everything about the movie..acting of all the stars is good..Boman as the main communicator of spirits is just OK..Only thing I couldnt digest was..when Diya doubts the relationship between Arshad and Sandhya, Sandhya says that she is gay..why couldnt they show two people of opposite sex could be simply friends also, why she has to be gay to be a friend.

Over all I worth a watch...good movie, quite entertaining.

Monday, May 10, 2010


yes that is name of the movie I saw.This about Ajay(Sunny Deol) and Irfaan Khan, both are police officers working together, Irfaan goes for the right, whereas Sunny thinks of the human angle.Sunny's wife (issha Kopikar) is cheating him with his own cousin only, and when he comes to know, he makes a plan to murder both and it will look like it was done in self defense. Everything happens in the same way, But irfan guesses the reality, and want to fight in the court where hissister Konkona sen defends Sunny. Sunny wins but in the end, when he is going abroad with his son, tells the truth to his friend and for once Irfaan doesnt think of right only.
Story is good, but treatment very shabby, no good music, Sunny looks like a grandfather, Irfaan and konkona are totally wasted.

PRINCE: when the promo started coming for this movie, it fascinated me, but when I saw it is a total washout movie...its on the lines of Bourne Identity, but nothing like that at all...three girls but none of them is even good looking, very substandard movie, felt sorry for Vivek Oberoi. Only the scenery is good.

ATITHI TUM KAB JAOGE..this is the best one I saw. Ajay devgan and konkona are an urban couple facing some problems in their career and they have a child who is curious about what is ..atithi(guest) and then they get a guest (Paresh Rawal) from village who claims to be an uncle of Ajay and he shakes their whole family with his rural ways, but endears himself in a filmi way...quite entertaining movie.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Mall road on the bank of lake.
Me & my Ma
Fruit seller in Nainital

Mothers are a blessing of god, though we all love our mother, but their real value we realise only after becoming a mother.My mom is an inspiration to me in so many thing,,the way she wants perfection in everything, whereas I want to complete everything fast:),then the enthu she has for short cuts for her, though she has been restricted by her bad health, still she cant go out with out everything in a proper way..the way she keeps her things so neatly and puts them properly in place despite her falling eyesight,She cant do walking but still she does yoga everyday for one hour without fail.
Sometimes I wonder why we start finding faults in everything our parents it by nature or a period comes in life when we get irritated by their presence.

If grandparents indulge..then they are spoiling the child,
But if they discipline, then its not their job to do so, its for parents,
If they advice, then it is interference in their life, and if they keep quite then they dont love us, they are indifferent.
Whenever something wrong happens, its their fault, they made us that way and if we do well, its our capabilities.
When we need them, they should be available, but when they need us, either we are busy or parents shouldnt cling.
Parents never think twice before spending on children, but for children their expenditure is always extra..a burden on their budget.
Living with children is a delight to all parents, whereas living with parents is loosing the privacy, freedom.
Parents want to give the maximum and best to children, whereas children want to do the minimum possible.
All the effort to maintain a relationship or decorum comes from the parents only, children are least bothered.
Parents are not supposed to advice, but children advice the parents all the shouldt say this thing, you should nt do that..........................

On this mother's day, I request all children, that instead of going hyper for one day only, learn the values forever.Parents need our love and respect both, not because they are intelligent or very sensible or very caring but because they are PARENTS. Show them that you have some values intact.Dont ask parents to make adjustments, its not their age to do that, they have done their part, now its their time to take, its your time to pay back. Try to see good in them instead of finding faults.Give them the respect due to them, care they need.God has given them the right to scold you, correct you, but not to you, so refrain from talking rudely.
Some people say the things which should never be said and then they try to say that temper got better of them, but tell me has it ever happened with your professional colleague or boss, .No thats not an excuse to be uncivil...the most a parent needs is the company of a child. and a .pleasant company,loneliness is the biggest problem, give them time.Appreciate them, help them in their hobbies, dont criticise them.They need to feel important, part of family they brought in this world,so show them that they are important to you.They wouldnt be here forever.

( Of course some mothers also behave very difficult, but about that on children's day:)..this is their no negativity)

Is it really that difficult to keep two people happy? Their blessings only bring all round happiness in our life.

I would not say happy mother's doesnt mean anything much, as its not bday or anniv, which we celebrate on a fixed day...mothers should be feted all year, all our life. I feel sad that I havent done much for my mom, sometimes due to circumstances, and sometimes due to ignorance, but now I try to do my best whatever i can, even then I cant claim to be a very good daughter, but efforts are on:), But I love her very much and feel blessed to have her in my life.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I was asked by to write a post on parenting and include their banner. As usual I was late for everything, then even I am not able to put their banner here for some technical reasons. Anyway I am not sending it as an entry:)

Parenting is the easiest and most difficult ask, easiest because it comes naturally to parents,its inherent, nobody teaches us but still all the basic things all parents do. And most difficult is that in most of the area there is a very fine line between two extremes.

Just the other day we were talking that most of the time the parents who dont say anything to children are more appreciated when the children grow up...whereas the parents who dont say anything are not doing good rather..

they are not guiding the children,
They are not teaching them rights and wrong,
they are not teaching them value of hard work....etc etc.

and all these virtues make the life of children much more happier and successful.The parents who nag( language of children) dont do it for their own benefit, they do it to make the future of the children......they are not in the race to win popularity contest. They themselves slog to bring the disciplined well mannered kids. But again there is a fine line between doing it right and over doing it.Just the way it is wrong to give a complete freedom, so is the too strictness. We have to balance everything.

Recently we hear every day suicides by students and young children for very trivial things like one girl didnt like the frock her father bought. This is as much an impact of materialism of today as due to upbringing. There is one word..DELAYED GRATIFICATION and it must be taught to children. We dont get everything as we want and when we want. and if we get some thing after some wait it is more precious , give us more happiness. Loving the children doesnt mean giving only, its giving also and with holding also both judiciously. Totally pampering brings up spoilt children with hyper sensitivity. They become so habitual of getting everything at demand that they are not able to handle a single no or failure.Life is never so has its ups and downs, and endurance is a very big quality. From the childhood only we can ingrain in them the value of character and say that it is more important to be honest,and hardworking then getting things.Most of the time parents over indulge, and try to over protect the children. But by doing so they are making them too vulnerable to face this harsh world...Let them be..go out and see the world.

Today for parents their individual satisfaction is more important than giving time to child and they compensate it by providing gazettes and money. They dont realise that it is they who are sowing the seeds of materialism.It doesnt matter who..mother,father or grandparents.but children need to be with someone till the age of 10.but its an impossibility today. Today we see lot of aggression in young kids..from where it is coming?....we drop them so early in the world of competition and they we are not there to listen to their fears and joys.

I dont believe in quality time or quantity time, both can be the all depends on the people and situations. But to me parenting doesnt mean providing only good food and education and clothes. To me parenting means bringing up a responsible citizen and a good human being.

Monday, May 3, 2010


HELLO EVERYBODY !..I have taken a long vacation and have so much to tell you but dont know where to start..first let me tell me tell you that I am listening to this song.....Pyar bhara geet..LOC Kargil by Sonu Nigam and Shreya..its so lovely, melodious, and it stops my heart completely...I like it so much that I keep repeating it..I think i like Sonu's voice:)

First i went to Hyderabad..and fast is a slow word if we are talking about this city..its changing so much..some for good and some for bad.But if one wants to see the effect of local MLA and MP then must see the small many people are making a real difference,like for the first time I saw in Rampur..that road in the market is well constructed, otherwise all our life we have travelled in rikshas in those rickety lanes:) and most of the time the person responsible fro development never gets elected again or gets the credit even as happened in Hyderabad.

In UP I heard so much about adulteration in milk and that too of some dreaded contents,and then there we take so many milk items...curd,lassi,shakes and all the sweets and paneer...if inactive,then to stop it, may be we must restrict the consumption, and shouldnt buy the packet milk of unknown will be good for health also.

In Lucknow my sister runs a boutique and to me who loves clothes..its a boon. I like good stitching and designing but cant take the pains , so here I get all my dresses stitched as i want, and plenty of them, and then gorge on kulfi,icecream with mango,Ratti ke khasta ( In lucknow people stand in a queue to get it).and my sister made me go to a multiplex to watch Atithi tum kab jaoge. I saw a movie in the hall after 6 years.She was hell bent upon showing me 3 IDIOTS but it wasnt running anywhere:( whenever I go there, I realise, what a blessing siblings are and what today's children will be missing in sisters and brother and my BIL,all of them make me feel so loved and respected,and their love gives me the strength to bear the onslaughts in my life:).......and thru our discussions we get insight into many new things, of our acquaintance lost his job, and his wife's brother and his wife, all rallied behind him to give support, and then he got also a new one...and then his BIL's wife wanted to advice him to be careful with expenses, what his BIl said to his wife opened my eyes.....he said that most of the problem in the family comes because of the interference from girl's family.(still it is a patriarchal society:)...and giving advices, as advice is never welcomed anywhere, so refrain from that, give them support when they need it, but support doesnt mean you start running their life, let them take their own decisions.......actually I was also quite easy with doling out advices, but now learning the restraint:)

One more pearl of wisdom..atleast to me, came out, that if someone doesnt conform or behaves well and doesnt listen, leave them, let them be, neither fret nor loose your peace of mind, just live your life..though its very complicated and not easy to follow everywhere, but if we can ,we could save our health atleast...otherwise we get BP,, skin problems( yes doctors say that stress comes out in the form of allergies also) and ultimately become a heart patient:)..I know I am extending it a little too far:).....but letting go of whether people or things is the mantra for happy life...Here what Khalil Zibran says is true

I met so many interesting people in my train journey, that i will write a separate post on that experience.My brother took me to a trip to Nainital....our stays at Nainital only made me dream about a house in nature and this time with adulteration problem,my dream is getting definite that I must try to make a house in a hill station..a very small place with no frills but a kitchen garden for vegetables and a cow for milk:)..everything pure and fresh.Nainital was our favourite joint in childhood, though now it has changed a lot, but still very beautiful.earlier only certain people used to go there, so it had an elitist charm, now its a common man's heaven. This one thing gladdens my heart that this new environment has made it possible for everybody to afford everything..just on a small scale, but one can get it clothes, food or vacation.In Nainital Bhotia market is a heaven for shopping, but to me the best place is Naini devi's temple its on the banks of the lake and beautiful and then taking a stroll on the mall road:)

Another very positive change I found in my state that today all parents have realised the value of education and they are doing everything possible to get their child educated ..its a good may be we can expect a bright future.

Till I finished the post another of my favourite song came....Tosey naina laage re..from Anwar..:)