Monday, October 24, 2011


I havent been a big fan of Amitabh bacchan , as a person, but this time I watched a few episode of KBC and I am hooked.He is so cordial and nice to everybody and makes everyone so happy. The format of show has also changed a there is more interaction with the contestants, a sort of bon homie being generated and contestants from the unprivileged section are getting more chances..its all so heartening to see.

Here I am quoting what AB wrote on his blog..its worth reading.....

Each contestant that I meet on the sets of KBC expresses similar desire. They are of challenged means. They have not the luxury of home and house of their own, yet all they ever want is to create an environment in the house so that their entire family can come together and live together. This desire to remain together, to care and consider the conditions of their elders is one that is universally expressed each day. And for this I wish to thank all those that think similar. These old concepts of being under one roof, has been through the test of time and the largest percentage of our people believe and thrive that thus be achieved. The grace the beauty and the warmth of such conditioning is what fills me with pride for my countrymen and women. Let not our traditions break or be diluted or polluted, by the ill guided thoughts from other regions. Our studies and scriptures and all that the wise may ever have thought of is by itself a wonder. It is an entire dedicated wanting which some of us, mostly from the metro region fail to understand. But let me say this, that culturally and in every other way, our system has been through the test of time. Thousands of years of our history and belief has been designed by those great souls after immense study and research, in conclusion of which it would be fairly correct to say that what they did do has proven to be correct and wise.
I would spend the rest of my life in guilt and remorse if I were to, in some small way, forego the idea of looking after my parents as they grew older. They caught my little finger and taught me how to walk along with them. In their old age, when the walk for them is like a discovery of another continent, will we be able to hold their hands and help them to walk, albeit almost child like, to their destination.

Whereas Big boss start disappointed completely..Sanjay Dutt is not needed there, rather he is making it drab., and then participants.barring a few, all are nobodies, and dont generate any interest.
Earlier I always used to deride TV soap, as most people do calling them saas bahu soaps and all that, but I realised that inspite of everything they have certain good points, ....
Like most of them emphasise the value of discipline in a family,
Most of the members make effort to assimilate in a family,
Most give importance to hard work and home cooked food.
All of them love good values and traditions,

So I can say that soaps are not bad only, its the people who are watching are not taking good things but only the indulgence, earlier people always idolised the hero and heroine in the film and both were seen as virtuous people, today many people may be liking the villains and vamps, because protagonists even today are very hard working and righteous.

संसृष्टं  धनमुभयं  समाकृतमस्मभ्यं दत्तां वरुण्श्च मन्यु: I
भियं दधाना हृदयेषु शत्रव: पराजितासो  अप नि लयन्ताम्‌ II


KParthasarathi said...

I agree with you.The line that"today many people may be liking the villains and vamps" brought a smile in my face.
I don't think KBC without the great AB would command the following as it does today.He is unique.

Bhagyashree said...

I liked KBCs new format too.
Yes the serials do show some values but then what I don't understand is how can a person do everything by themselves and everyone expecially the women look as fresh as if they have stepped just out of the shower.
Just kidding!! :)
Happy Deepavali

Sandhya said...

We are great fans of Amitabh. Yes, I don't fancy watching all his films, in fact, I like only some of them. But KBC is entirely different. His charisma is unbeatable. All the participants feel at home with him. He listens to what they say keenly and then reply. Nobody of his stature would do that, I am sure. What he has said is very true. I read his posts mostly, but missed this one, thanks for posting.

I like Balika Vadhu. They are not only showing the negative things about child marriage, but show the problems of widows, remarriage, illiteracy and so many other things. BIG BOSS is just made up! Nothing is real.

deeps said...

i didnt know KBC is on again...
but i have been a fan of big B; esply his olden days movies...

Renu said...

KParthsarthi:..thats true that KBC wouldnt be what it is without AB.

Bhagyashree: Thats the lighter side:).if they show worn out faces, crumpled sarees, not many woulod enjoy that:)

Sandhya:On the contrary, I have watched all his films, but as a person I didnt admire him much:)

Yes .now Balika badhu is again getting on the track.

deeps:AB is a true this age even, his fan following is amazing.

Haddock said...

I think this season the KBC's aim and target was to get the poor and needy on the hot seat and they successfully managed that.
As for Amitabh, is IS an icon and I had marked him to go big way back in 1972 when Anand was released when he was a nobody and Rajesh Khanna was the superstar.

A said...

Exactly my sentiments. I don't like AB movies but KBC is awesome and it is due to AB

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a prosperous dhanteras and a joyous Diwali. :)

I am not obsessed with Amitabh Bachchan like the rest of the world. I don't like him at all. However,my colleague spoke very highly of him. She had KBC passes. She said Amitabh is one of most humble and chivalrous men ever.

How have you been? :)

rama said...

Even I like KBC, and Amitabh Bacchan.
Nobody can carry the show like him.
I don't like any of the serials Hindi or in other languages. They are too much: always plotting, planning evil things against each other, every other serial is bent on following this trend. I strongly feel one or two channels at least should bring back serials based on old novels/plays written by famous and respected writers of India as well as other countries. It would be such a relief.
Happy Diwali!

Harman said...

Happy Diwali RENU
God Bless All!
I do see the KBC ..its a nice show very informative and at the same time we happen to see a legend !
I love this Guy BIG B ..he is such an Icon an Institute in itself!
I dont watch indian shows more ..Due to lack of time and the conspiracy I jus hate.We have a joint family and we respect each other ..I jus don't get good vibes from these ..kinda shows..
wud rather love to see some talk shows or music videos instead!

Babli said...

I was not aware that KBC started once again. Without Amitabh Bachchan KBC is not worth to watch as he is having great personality and makes the show very interesting.
Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

Renu said...

Haddock: I also felt that they are specially bringing people form that strata, and it is very heartening to see.

A:This time it is awesome:)

Rama: Oh how I wish that someone could bring to life those stories from all the regions..we have such a rich heritage in literature but nobody taps that...its so easy to write today's soaps.

Harman:Now the plotting and scheming is waning even these shows:)..normally i also dont watch them but some time while surfing I stop:)

Babli:yes he adds a lot to the show.

Renu said...

Swats: what a pleasant surprise to see you:)...

I nevr liked AB as a person,but some of his movies I loved.

I am fine, become a grandmother:)

How are you?...I met Rebel in London:)

sm said...

Happy Diwali
someone won big amount on KBC.

Anonymous said...

Yeah..long long time...Im glad u remember me...

wowww...congratulations dadima. :)

I am good...U met rebel? tht is super cool...I wud lv to meet him too..

Renu said...

swats: Only the young have the privilege of forgetting people:)..just joking...

I would nevr forget you.

Rebel is a super nice person.

Reflections said...

Ab is a superstar in every sense of the word; his humility & tongue in cheek humour a bonus :-)).

Balvinder Singh said...

Hi Renu, visiting your blog (or for that matter any blog) after a long time due to busy official schedule after transfer to Delhi. The new template on your blog is great. wishing you season's greetings (in advance or belated as the case may be :-))
will catch up later.

Arti said...

I am a big fan of Amitabh Bachchan and read his blog too. His humility is something thats very endearing and leaves me enthralled everytime I see him speak. I have never seen a more down to earth star than him. And I completely second your thoughts on TV..
Happy Festival Greetings to you too :-)

dr.antony said...

I was never a fan of AB and have not thought of him as a great actor.Most of his aura is hype.The only thing he has done good is in KBC.

They are actors by profession,and they do it at every level.When it comes to public speaking and expressions they can perform well. We havent forgotten his story of swindling money,non payment of tax,alleged bankruptcy and all.

I liked what he wrote in the blog,though the idea is nothing unique.Commonsense tells us that it is a natural duty to take care of parents. And it is part of our tradition and culture.When the world is becoming one,traditions get forgotten,in the zest to imbibe what looks more attractive.The biblical solution for longevity is taking care of parents.

Belated Diwali wishes.

Renu said...

Reflections: his sense of humour I really like, but humility.I dont know whether it is real or contrived:)

Balvinder singh: nice to see you after a long time...Take some time out from your busy schedule to update your blog.

Arti: its the biggest quality in anyone to make others feel good and thats what he has.

Dr.Antony: You echoed my thoughts..
yes the idea is not unique, and it is our culture, but today people are forgetting and it feel nice to read such things thru celebrities, may be if not us, then they can inspire people to imbibe good things from them.

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