Friday, October 7, 2011

Fasting in Navraatri

Navratri has gone and so the fasting for us too.I feel so nice during those days. Fasting is one process which is advised in every religion..muslims fast twice a year in Ramadan, Christians have their own lent period, Jains have their paryushions.etc etc. Most of the commandments are also similar these are the days  a sort of penance, so be pious,share the food, donate ,and dont harbour bad feelings.
We have one more, like eat satvik food.As food affects our mental process.Many people make fun of the people who are fasting and feasting saying that what is the point in fasting if you are making no so many dishes or eating all that,but they themselves cant do it even for a day with all that feasting too, but i have never felt so, Even to my children i say keep the fast, but you may feast , but on restricted items only, but inspite of that my daughter does it and son doesnt, so fine.its their choice.Though I dont eat fried items and lot of sweets as my age and health doesnt allow that, but wouldnt mind if someone does it.Because whatever I do, still for 9 days I am following lot of cant have any bed tea, first have bath and pooja, then only anything to eat or drink. Then we dont have any salted breakfast, we skip lunch and eat only dinner. In dinner too its only limited variety which can be taken..not these days are all about bringing some discipline. Plus they give us such a nice feel when we do some special pooja everyday.And when on the Navmi, I prepare, halwa ,poori, chana and distribute it a as a prasad, its a culmination of days of fasting, so gives you so much of satisfaction.
Inspite of that if people find that its all feasting only, then try doing it for some time, and then only you can realise whether it is easy or feasting or fasting.It always needs lot of discipline of body and mind, we go out and see so many culinary delights, but never could partake..
Traditional ways of celebrating festivals always include some fasting and feasting, we have accepted feasting, but deride fasting:).. When we can accept the valentine day celebrations so easily without any analysis, why not our own festivals.And if anyone feels the need to say..why? why should I only? then its not worth it.These are all emotional things and if one is not emotionally connected to someone to do it unconditionally, no point in doing it...I used to fast it from the beginning, and never thought that why should I, why not my husband too? rather felt very happy in doing everything, when on the way he joined me in fasting, I dont even remember and today too, I dont worry about myself, but if he is being strict in fasting, I worry..want to give him the best I can....Thats companionship to me..or love...loving doesnt mean enjoying together only, but being there all t he times..good or bad, easy or tough, and caring without thinking what the other person does for us.


Enigma said...

Yeah, fasting is sort of penance.
I too fast one day a week.
My reasons are both religious and personal though! :P

Bhagyashree said...

Such a sweet post Renuji.
My mom at the time of my bidaai had told me that always remember that u 2 are the best'est' of friends. And we have tried to remain so over the years. And there is so much joy in doing things together.
About fasting or feasting, let it be.... its better to do what the heart says

up↑take said...

Even at a purely physical level, calorie restriction (during fasting) aids in cell regeneration and is good for health. At a social level, the practice of sharing prasad is admirable. Over all, our way of celebrating is quite fulfilling, something that indulgence will not give.

Rhapsody B. said...

We all serve one God who happens to have many names because of the many languages in the world. If fasting makes you feel good then you can implement another time for yourself perhaps twice a month or once every month if it makes you feel centered then why not? There is nothing that is stopping you from adding an additional fast.

Thanks for sharing, it is always my believe that we all do the same things albeit a bit differently. Having experienced many a diverse culture and religions growing up and know for a fact that we are more alike than we are different.

stay blessed and thank you for stopping by and sharing your wisdom with me.


Anonymous said...

Nice post, Renu. I agree that fasting takes a lot of discipline, and some discipline is good for us.

It is a personal choice whether to fast or not. So really, even if we don't fast ourselves, we shouldn't question why others keep fasts.

sm said...

fasting is good but many people on the name of fasting just enjoy foods which are not good for health.

Renu said...

Enigma:.I too fast once a week:)

Bhagyashree: .husband and wife are two wheels of life..and should have best alignment:)

Rhapsody B;Yes we all fast once a week..its good for everyone.individual and society too, as saving one time food is good.

Manju:Yeah, if one cant do it, its better to accept it, rather than raising fingers to those who do it.

sm:.looking after health and fasting are two different aspect of life and cant be joined together..what really makes difference to our health is what we do in day to life..not on a few days.

Indian said...

Yes, fasting is good ..but I guess it should be done the proper way ..and most importantly, it should be done out of choice - purely. And when we do something (especially something religious) with the understanding of why the practice arouse, and if we do from the heart after understanding, it gives ultimate joy and happiness. If people do it just for the sake of it, or just because it is an age old thing, then it's purely a waste of money, time and all the effort.

Reflections said...

Lovely post Renu....tho I have seen and joined my friends in many of the festivals there is so much I was not aware of:-).

Renu said...

Indian:.I dont think that there ius any proper or improper I said day doesnt make or break your whole life...One could be healthy inspite of indulging a little...secondly as not doing it should be individual's choice, indulging or not should also be left to the individual. all health problems dont come because of wrong fasting.

Reflections: Thanks Nancy!!

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