Yesterday i read an article and I have been watching that Shastrarth also on CNBC with DR Devdutt Patnaik and since both of them are related with the topic of my last I thought of sharing that.

On CNBC they discussed that  for todays corruption and  valueless society.if we want to see everything through spirituality and Vedas, what will be out justification or clarification for that..why its happening?.its because we are in the process of changing from an animal to human being.Its the nature of animals to look after self only  thats the reason they live in Jungle  raj, where every big animal eats up the smaller ones..and they have no discipline in life, they do whatever they want and whenever they want and always looking for self survival only and will do everything for that because they dont have any code of conduct or society or any ethics.

Now thats what happening to us also..its always the INDIVIDUAL..we will do what pleases us or satisfies our materialistic desires, physcial pleasures, we dont want to have any norms or code of conduct to bind us.And the result is there  for everyone to see. For being a good human being it is necessary to see that what is good for us and then our family and then society and then country too, because unless there is a strong society, individuals cant be strong..just like one player cant win a match, the team has to be good.Anything which is good for us as an individual but is hurting the rest, is not to be done.

There always three types of people..for some self is beyond everybody and they are making this world the way it is..with no family and no ethics..all corruption and enjoyment.

and the other ones  are who put self the last..they are people who are making this world better to live in for the third type of people..

and third ones are in the middle..they enjoy life , but also fulfil their duties towards their family, society and country.

Life is never a bed of roses, nobody gets rosy relatives, nor all the people are happy today because of the disintegration of family and changes should be accepted only if they are good for,society and country..otherwise not...we dont choose our families or relatives they are the gift of god to us as we are to them..if everything happens in life the way we want it to be,life wouldnt be so complicated and interesting too. We get education not only for earning money but to evolve as a good human being too and that means making others happy too..if we cant make our own families happy, how can we think of doing charities and social services..doing something for others doesnt make us weak or down..its only strong people who do things for others and adjust because weak always break under pressure.

Secondly I am not talking about those families where DILs are burnt for dowry or exploited because these are extremes and need extreme measures too..I am talking about the families where people are breaking families for their  self gratification and for very small things or so called independence and making old inlaws miserable.

I know that I keep repeating myself, but I will, in the hope that even if one person understands my view and makes a happy family, my life would be worth it.Admiration lies not in happy I am/but how happy I make others too..

Happiness of any single  individual shouldnt be above the welfare of family...society and country.When we had strong society..samaaj as we said, people had fear of bad things it bribe, promiscuity,bad behaviour divorces or anything like that, if anybody did it, he did so clandestinely, not openly as they do it today, becaus ethere is no fear of society

jab se yeh meri marji shuru hua..sab bigad gaya


up↑take said…
Just a word of caution: Some call it Soul; but the Max Muller translation for Atma is 'Self'. Used in this context, the Self is supreme. ekatma sarva bhootantaratma, meaning, the One Self pervades all the beings.
The individual -- that sense of separation from The Whole -- is the ego. It is a delusion that clouds almost all of us.
Rhapsody B. said…
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....interesting analaysis/philosophy.

As i see said…
Hey you sound like one of our sirs back in college (no offence meant), he used to tell us small small things which when combined would bring about big changes for sure. And he used to say "i will kep telling all this, as long as even one student benefits from it"

But all is not bad, some people by nature are animalistic, but there are others too who realise their folly and try to end it.

few days ago i was reading an article in outlook how many young people in delhi are taking to satsang, nowadays, people are not waiting to turn 60 to understand the path to supreme
Renu said…
Uptake...To me spiritual explaination can be better given in Hindi:)

Rhapsody B: Thanks!

AS I see:..yes small small things are more important..we always go for outward changes, but if we go inward..everything will change fast.
sm said…
yes i agree with you we are living in Jungal Raj we have to become human.
about C word yes its depressing.
deeps said…
life is like that...We just sit and observe the people and incidents happening around and we will have a great deal to think about and learn….
And this is one such post I feel, nicely put down :D
Harman said…
Jab se Marzi shuru hua Saab bigad gya..
Haha haaa.
very true.. I strongly believe in enforcement of law..and then home.. which creates a society and country.
God bless.
Sandhya said…
Feel sorry for ourselves, Renu!
bjigya said…
This post reminded me of one simple statement repeated often by my mother "You can never be happy by making everyone around you unhappy." As is with everything in life, balance in necessary .. don't try to please everyone too but don't ignore them altogether.
Jon said…
Its so tough to practice and make it realistsic...but hope we get some world close to ideal
Renu said…
deeps:.hope we learn.

Harman: today everyone says..meri marji:) people have become self doesnt go well for a civilised society.

Sandhya:why not look for a change..change for better..

bjigya: you are right..and it is not about pleasing others, but thinking about what is right ,..aand doing that only, and not hurting others.

Jon: it looks like that, but it is not tough, just we have to make it a way of life....
Reflections said…
"Happiness of any single individual shouldnt be above the welfare of family...society and country."

Is it possible;-o????
Renu said…
Reflections:.its totally possible...we shouldnt totally disregard others only for self gratification..stand should be taken only for wrong practices, or where someone is being victimised.

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