Tuesday, December 27, 2011



It was a hit movie , so I was interested, but felt very dissappointed.Its like the movies of 80,90 where villain created a mayhem everywhere.I dont like to see such violence and when police is shown efficient and still they are beaten, their families killed and raped..so what does their efficiency mean..nothing..they know everything and still are incompetent..thats why i loved Wanted and Dabangg..they were better crafted without mindless violence...The only plus point about this movie is Genelia..she always brings whiff of fresh air.. a delight to watch.....John has everything going for him, but story makes him a loser.

I nevr thought that Saif who is from a privileged back ground, could esaay the role of underprivileged, but he has done it,but Prateik is really good.One good thing about this movie is that they have said all there is for and against reservation, through all the characters and left it to the audience to decide what is good..though thru their protagonist they show that they are in favour of reservation. But at the same time they have shown the problems and miseries of poor upper class too.
Their solution is utopian and when we couldnt bring the underpriviloeged at par after 60 years of reservation, we must stop it.I favour the statement from Tanvi Aazmi that underprivileged must be given all the facilities for their primary education to bring them at par, but no reservation in either jobs or competitions.
Since it is a movie, they have ideal people like AB and his family, Tabelas so big that one can run instituions there...all sundry people supporting them.....

It is a very simple love story without any high octave scenes or situations..its just the treatment and Salman Khan who make it lovable and endearing..I liked it:)

If anybody is interested in watching some interesting serial, then please watch..AFSAR BITIYA....its a sheer delight to see real people and city and that girl.who is the protagonist.she is my ideal,and gets my respect all the way.A girl who does what she says..no dichotomy anywhere ..and she is independent without being rude or uncaring,simple without beeing foolish, I think if they go properly, this girl could be an icon..how a person should be..
This and the girl in Hitler didi..both get my support, thats the way to be...thats s the meaning of being modern, progressive to me.


Neha said...

I too didn't like Force as much. Haven't watched Aarakshan and Bodygaurd yet.

Watched Don 2 recently and hated SRK for his overacting and pretence to act like a Don! He was more awful in Ra-One. I prefer Salman as Dabang bashing up the baddies than a superhero needing to do it :)

Bikramjit said...

Force was not good for me too.. I liked aarakshan though ..
and bodyguard was a typical masalla bollywood movie it had all the things in it :)


Urmi said...

I have seen Arakshan as I love Amitabh Bachchan and never miss his movie.

Sandhya said...

I heard that Aarakshan is good. You too say so. I must watch it.

Bodyturad is a Tamil remake.

Thanks for the review. I will watch Aarakshan, then!

Tomz said...

Force is the remake of tamil movie Kakka Kakka, and Bodyguard is the remake of the Malayalam movie of same name

Harman said...

saw body guard ..its kinda okay..
and aarakshan is good too !

Renu said...

Neha: I think now the end of sharukh's career has come.its better if he voluntarily retires:)..he looks old and haggard and bores..

Bikram:Movies like body guard are fun for their simplicity..no great ideas, no violence..

Urmi: even I like him:)

Sandhya:..you may watch it..it is a serious type and not boring.

Tomz: in bollywood they have always been making remakes or copies, either from hollywoiod or south, but as long as the movie is enjoyable, I dont care:)

Harman: true..bodyguard is not a great movie, but I am a salman fan, so liked it:)

Sujatha Sathya said...

i watched Force & Bodyguard

was repulsed by John's show of body - the bulging biceps & all...not needed i thought. Sathya was saying the tamil original - Khaka Khaka is good

bodyguard loved the songs. again the movie in Kannada was hilarious. the hindi version was too pheekah

A said...

I did not see Force but other two---sorry I did not like.

Recently I watched DON 2 and it is superb

sm said...

like the review
yes saif did good job.
Body guard is typical masala movie and good music

Arti said...

Wonderful reviews, I am not much of a movie buff, but will surely try watching bodyguard sometime though!

rahul aggarwal said...

i didn't watch any of the movies...aarakshan because i do not like saif movies .. bodyguard because salman makes all tamil movie copies and i messed watching force .. but reviews here tell it was worth a miss...


chitra said...

Renu, thanks for the greetings. thanks for the wonderful support. I have mentioned you in my post.

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