I had heard a lot about it.This the story of Pakistani who went to London, settled there and married a British girl, and for that he is ridiculed in his community.And when his daughter Mary grows up and wants to marry a Britisher, he takes her to Pakistan with the promise that after coming back he would accept her boy friend.But once there he gets her forcibly married to her cousin.Mansoor and leaves her in a village where he cant stay even one more day as toilets are not good.

Mansoor has been brainwashed by a fanatic maulvi who thinks that music is prohibited by Islam and he makes him a jihaadi.
Mansoor's brother doesnt agree to him and goes to US to follow his dream in music and ther 9/11 happens and he becomes a victim of racial profil, goes to jail and tortured so much that looses his brain and then deported to pakistan to his family.

Mary tries to get away , but fails initially, later she manages to send a letter to london to his boy friend and is freed with the help of mansoor's parents and british Govt, and she takes his father to court in Pakistan. Their an educated and liberal maulvi(...impressive Naseeruddin shah) dispels all fanatics thought by quoting religious scriptures and declares that Islam is neither against women, nor music and jihad doesnt mean terrorism, its fight within against everything bad

What i liked about the movie is....

Heroine Iman Ali.she is very good and lovable.
First time I got to see Muslim movie with real people in the real environment, otherwise in India they show only caricatures.
Naseeruddin Shah:)

and what I disliked...
Mary staying back there..that was so illogical for an intelligent movie, and the girl who didnt know Urdu, putting up a board in that language..letting her go back would have been more effective.
Though Naseeruddin shah is very impressive, but it makes the movie sort of preaching only..if they had shown the change of heart thru incidents or people gradually..would have been better.

The angle of 9/11 was not needed,Second brother's plight was made the story a little complex ..instead if they had shown more about Pakistan and the people there..would have been interesting .

Speedy Singhs

This is a NRI movie, just like bend it like Beckham,story is same, but it is interesting and the couple..Camilla belle and Vinay virmani, both are very good and look good, specially Camilla...I feel pity for Indian fathers who never support their children in fulfilling their dreams and always ridicule them, but when children reach the top, they come forward to claim that he or she is their child, they are not averse to glory then, and I feel proud of such children who make it despite all the hurdles.


This is a quite different type..
High profile wife(Nicole kidman) and her family go to Stepford to find peace and and make their marriage work. And they find there extraordinary peace and happiness in the people..all wives are so robotic in their smiles , work and looking after their husbands, and husbands are enjoying to he hilt and then it starts bothering Jo and when she investigates , she finds that all the wives have been turned into Robots by placing a chip in their brain..Then how she saves herself and gets back to her life.forms the story.


Bikramjit said…
I have to see khuda ke liye jsut not getting the time to do so ...

and same for speedy singhs ok this weekend will watch bot hthe movies :)

Amrita said…
I like stepford wives, but somehow did nt like khuda ke liye. i dont know, i was expecting too much truth maybe, but end of day it was a work of fiction.
Rachna said…
I loved Khuda kay Liye. Quite an eye opener kind of movie.
Sujatha Sathya said…
must watch Khuda Ke Liye. sounds gripping. thanx for sharing the reviews of all the 3 films
sm said…
nice movie got the story otherwise its same always rich and poor
your observation is right.
Renu said…
Bikram:Khuda ke liye has its pros and cons..speedy sing is fun watch:)

Amrita: it got so much hype..but its an ordinary movie with its own flaws.

Rachna: I liked the rural surroundings.
manjujoglekar said…
I recently saw Stepford Wives. What an unexpected ending!

Haven't seen Khuda ke Liye. I mean to do so soon. Nice reviews. :)
Harman said…
havent seen any of them,,,
so cant say...But will one day..
Urmi said…
Thanks for this wonderful post as I was not knowing about this movie. I seems to be quite different than other movies and also interesting.
You are welcome at my new posts-
Renu said…
Sujatha: y4es it is atleast different.


Manju:.I was thinking that may be something supernatural or whatever, because wives were unnatural:)

Harman: :)

Urmi: My pleasure!
Pratibha said…
Nice review..haven't seen Speedy Singh and Stepford Wives..guess would soon..I do like that 'Shera di kaum punjabi' song btw..

However, I really liked 'Khuda ke Liye',found it hard hitting. Its portrayal of extreme hypocrisy in a fundamentalist society is superb. It shows how religion has been misinterpreted and taught by self serving fanatics and goes on show how such brain wash ends up in killing people's soul (When the cousin who initially thought it to be wrong to be physically intimate with his sister rapes her out of rage and the brain wash or when the father who himself moved out of Pakistan and the clausterphobic society to the free life could not come to terms of having his daiughter live the free life, how hypocritical)
It also gives a strong message that such religious extremism has resulted in terrorism and thus is also affecting the lives of muslims across the world for no fault of theirs (the other brother's story)
And at the end Nasiruddin Shah as the lerned maulvi tries to explain the nobleness of the religion, as crafted, and how over a period it has been wrongly come to be seen and practised as a destructive, confining and highly fundamentalist religion the world over.
Atleast, that's what I had too many underplayed messages. Also, have you seen 'BOL'? its made by the same director

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