Sunday, December 25, 2011


Yesterday i had a very interesting discussions about children with a friend. I am of the view that all normal well to do couples must have atleast two thought being that this

Makes a happy family..
single child feels very lonely, here they get company.
Children need somebody very close to them whom they can confide and share their thoughts.
Since parents wont live forever, one must have someone related in blood.
One enjoys the life more, and festivals too

but their thoughts shook my faith, theb say..
Today nobody has time and they dont talk to their siblings very often.
people are located globally, so distances are too much too visit often.
financially also it is convenient to have one only.

what do you think?


Sandhya said...

Most of my relatives say they can't afford to give good, comfortable lifestyle to 2 kids and they don't have the time and patience to go through the process again. It is their life, let them decide, I feel. The parents have got siblings and still they feel that it is OK to have one kid.

Reflections said...

Depends on one's perspective of things, finance and job pressures I suppose. For instance I always wanted to have 2 kids but my friends dont share the same view. They think relationship btn siblings is over-rated:-).

Irfanuddin said...

i totally agree with ur views here that its always good to have at least two kids and the reason you mentioned is valid one.....when i see my kids teasing each other, playing with each other, i thank almighty....:)

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Why restrict to just two. If you can afford and have the time & leisure to take care of them perhaps three or even four kids would be fine. The more the merrier. It is all a question of one's perspective.

KParthasarathi said...

No person is better off because of one kid and worse for two kids.It is always ideal to have two.Children born with siblings by and large learn to share, mix and to be less selfish.But best to have children when one is young and not late in life.

Enigma said...

According to me, it's dependent upon various factors. For example, if there's a joint family then, having one kid is enough since all the cousins will be under the same roof.

It also happens that despite of having siblings at home, kids share their thoughts and problems with their close friends. It's all relative. For some it's one, others two!

Anonymous said...

Renu, I feel that this is a personal question to be decided by the couple concerned, according to their inclination and means.

I, personally feel that having a sibling is a good thing. We can share confidences, and depend on a sibling in a unique way. I don't think the relationship between friends and between siblings is the same.

On the other hnd, as Enigma said in the above comment, in a joint family the relationship between cousins is probably much the same as between siblings, so it would not matter if one is an only child.

Harman said...

..its a good thought...I wud say two at-least and we can have more if we can afford //most of my frenz have three at-least..
I think its more personal and also related to financial factors too!

Anonymous said...

These days people think in terms of finances and conveniences. Each to his/her own I guess. I personally think a single child is a lonely child.

Renu said...

Sandhya:ofcourse Sandhya..its they who will decide, but for the sake of discussion we can say what we think about it.

Reflections: exactly..i also think it is over rated but only after going into childhood its beautiful.

Irfanuddin:Yeah, I think they need company.

R.Ramakrishnan: Are you being sarcastic?

Kparthsarthi: we think alike:)

Enigma: true.but today when joint families are vanishing fast?

Manju: of course is always the couple who decides.but here we are discussing what we think...and the reason for our thinking...

Harman:Affordability is a very subjective thing:)..I think two children bring a semblance of family:)

Sujatha Sathya said...

something to think about this one seriously

i remember having same thoughts in my mind - same questions - one or two - and wrote a post on it here

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