There is again strike in AI..and that too for something like this..IA pilots shouldnt be trained for Boeing...Already airline is making big losses, do these pilots never think about what would happens if it is closed....In an open economy strikes should be made illegal in all spheres...Those who do not like the job may leave it and look somewhere else.Strikers should be dealt with a strong hand,just like negotiation, no consideration.
These Pilots never think about the inconvenience they cause to innumerable passengers and irreparable losses to their company, how self centred people can be...and all this when they are getting such high is very sad state of affairs.


Bikramjit said…
totally agree with you, I could not beleive the other day reading that doctors and nurses have gone on strike in india .. HOW can they ..

they need more money and less work .. maybe get rid of them and hire new pilots .. let them go and work for a foreign airline they will soon find out how easy they have got

Sandhya said…
I agree with you, Renu! They just think about themselves and their pay packets.
Neha said…
Very blunt and straightforward...loved it! These people are everywhere. The latest is the Autowallas in Delhi threatening to go on strike! It's so important to drill brains into these logheads!
Rachna said…
Completely agree!
Rahul Bhatia said…
Agree, the arm twisting has been going on far too long by those already earning enough!Time to deal with them sternly:)
Reflections said…
Totally agree....& I'm glad the govt is dealing with them sternly.
Happy Kitten said…
It is for this reason that we never travel by Air India.. the only time I travelled was for my first trip to Kuwait.

AI employees needs to do something to bring this Airlines back on it's feet and gain the trust of the customers. For a start they can stop this strike. It is not as though they were being paid peanuts. In fact they enjoy a whole lot of privilege. In fact the whole family enjoys free trips.. time for them to pay back the tax payer's money.

But it will take a longer time for some of us to regain the trust that was lost.

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