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Expecting life to treat you well because you are a good person
is like expecting an angry bull not to charge because you are
a vegetarian.
~Shari R. Barr~

I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be honorable,  to be compassionate. It is, after all, to matter: to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all. Children are not your trophies to flaunt, but a priceless gift to treasure.

Nearly all men can stand adversity,
but if you want to test a man's character,
give him power.

~Abraham Lincoln~

one should keep his words both soft and tender, because tomorrow 
  he may have to eat them. 

Whether it is your garden or your life, be wise enough  to remove  the weed before the weed removes you.

It is better to earn a bad name and live good life, thean earn a good name and lead bad life.

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This is a small budget movie but quite interesting.Its about a young man who gets a job in Cape town,when he reaches there he gets an opulent bungalow and all the luxuries of life, which somewhere strikes unusual to his young wife.The young boy finds favour with his boss due to his sharp mind and intelligence and then he is trapped in the deceit, as his boss is a diamond dealer to the outside but is working in tandem with terrorist and mafia. How he finds a way out is good to watch. Somewhere in the middle the story looses the grip and goes very slow but picks up in the end. Main high light of this movie is Kunal Khemu and beauty of cape town.Kunal is very good in this role, the role needed him to be strong yet vulnerable, and he does it with aplomb.Amrita Puri  is a week link, neither she looks beautiful, nor can act...worth a watch movie, though in such movies its very difficult to show a way out of the mess..something next to impossible and difficult to make it look possible even.

Live IN

After living together for 8 years,  when he ditches her and tries to marry another girl,....girl accuses the boy of rape

when i read this news I was appalled. This is so ridiculous.In the beginning why people started this trend of live in relationships? Because they thought ...why bind ourselves in marriage, if we are not compatible, so lets try living together. The first and foremost advantage of these relationships is that the couple is free with no responsibilities and so it suits modern generation best.
And now they want some conditions..its like having your cake and eating it too..if one wants some commitment, why not marry.You dont marry because you dont want a commitment and some responsibilities which comes with marriage...

In the beginning I never liked those live in relationships, but today when I see  the rate people are divorcing, I feel its better to live in first than marry.But once a couple decides to live in, they should also be free to leave that arrangement whenever …

Beautiful moments

Yesterday i was talking this octogenarian acquaintance of mine and he told me about one of his friends...his friend's grandson got married, so he asked him to keep two days for family pooja and then for rest of his leave(he works in US), he could go to honeymoon. But what the grandson replied made his grandpa so emotional that he started crying....He said....Tatha, Honeymoon was meant for those persons who lived in a joint family and needed privacy to get to know each other. But here both of us are anyway going to live alone in US, so I wouldnt spend my leave going away..rather the money you are giving me to spend, with that we shall hire a vehicle and all of us would go and meet all our close relatives, and we wouldnt be eating with them, as it may inconvenience them, so we shall stay at hotel and eat outside.This way we can meet all of them, otherwise it gets difficult.

Tatha said..I am surprised at the suggestion you are giving, it should have been who suggested this and expec…

Mother's DAY

I didnt write anything on mother's doesnt mean that i dont care for my mother or anything such, its just that hyping any concept doesnt find favour with me,if I have time, I would love to celebrate all our traditional festival with all the i dont want to add one more to my list.

To me being good in practical life means much more that all these days.I see many girls going hyper on this day, pampering their mother and all , but in total contrast misbehaving with their MIL,giving a royal treat to their mother, but not preparing even normal food for MIL..isnt she also a mother, even if she is your spouse's.

Most of the time all the successful women will say that they owe all their success to their parents or primarily mother and they are applauded, though I think after marriage, your spouse and his family also contribute a miniscule portion..but when boys give the credit to their mothers, they are ridiculed as mama's boys...cant understand this gender b…


My hubby and I do our daily walks in the evening, and most of the time do it silently as we find nothing to talk about..whereas even if I join any other strange woman,we have enough to talk about:).Same whenever we go to a restaurant, most of the time we are finished in 45 when  I see the couples talking all the time, sometime inane things for hour, I feel very envious, as my husband talks very little.
But then i observed that whenever husband and wife talk too much, they end up having an argument ending with fight and sulking. And this is true of many relationships, like MIL, DIL..its better that they live with certain boundaries, the minute they start getting over friendly, pally and gossipy..tension creeps in...
And with SILs.I much prefer the old system, where they were given a pedestal and kept there only..And daughters were not asked for anything, today families make so many demands on married daughters and make their life difficult by bringing conflict in the coupl…


Whenever i talk to someone, i come across a couple who is either divorcing or sorting out their misunderstandings..And i feel sad for this state because majority of the times the problems arise because of the self centred nature today....

One highly talented, beautiful and accomplished girl gets married to another equally handsome well established boy from a rich family and within a year, they live separately...why....girl finds the boy nitpicking,not impressive in social gatherings,immature....And the boy finds the girl too high handed and immersed in her job..
Two people who are highly successful in their professions, are a failure in personal life...why couldnt they give the same commitment to their marriage?

A girl gets married into a rich family and after six months gets away lot of money and then  accuses the inlaws and relatives of demanding dowry..whereas all this is false......

Another set of parents..knowingly  marry their daughter to a mentally retarded man only because he…


There is again strike in AI..and that too for something like this..IA pilots shouldnt be trained for Boeing...Already airline is making big losses, do these pilots never think about what would happens if it is closed....In an open economy strikes should be made illegal in all spheres...Those who do not like the job may leave it and look somewhere else.Strikers should be dealt with a strong hand,just like negotiation, no consideration.
These Pilots never think about the inconvenience they cause to innumerable passengers and irreparable losses to their company, how self centred people can be...and all this when they are getting such high is very sad state of affairs.


I am an ardent reader of Infinithoughts and it said in its last issue something about charity which made me think. Charity for the sake of charity never does any good to anyone one. There are many people who just want to give something.may be old clothes or money and want to get away with that. They satisfy their conscience that they have done their part and have nothing to worry now. But it is something for nothing and it never helps anybody. If we are really interested in doing good, we must give something for something. Like if we donate money to a child for study we need to see that he/she performs, only then they should be eligible..Wherever we give anything we must see that it is used properly and it is getting results.We must make the takers accountable...then only the situation can improve..
What do you think?

Three Things

Three Things

3 Things in life that once gone and never come back:
Time, words, opportunity.

3 Things in life that can destroy a person:
Anger. pride, un forgiven.

3 Things in life that you should never lose:
Hope, peace, honesty.

3 Things in life that are most valuable:
Love, Family & Friends, Kindness.

3 Things that are never certain:
Dreams, success, fortune.

3 Things that make a person:
Hard work, sincerity, commitment.
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1. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
I would love to have the power to punish every dishonest and corrupt person.

2. What was your favourite childhood television program?
   When i was young, there was no TV, we used to pass the time by doing embroidery, painting, stitching, because girls were not allowed to play outside also after a certain age.

3. Have / had any celebrity crushes ?
    I had a few:).but at a very young age I got married to a man who was much more handsome and  tall in real life than all those heroes in reel, so all crushes vanished.

4. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where wou…