Gifts..with or without thoughts.....

Gifts are always an integral part of our life and it gives immense pleasure to give or to take, if only everyone would give it some thought.Time and again I have got gifts where I have  thought, wish they had thought before giving like...

Once somebody brought  quite a no. of pastries to us but from a bakery not very good( though that person could afford the best), now we eat egg but we have so many conditions attached to that:) shouldnt taste, shouldnt smell, so we like pastries but only from standard shops, as they use less no of eggs.Even my maid didnt eat egg, so we had to just throw everything into trash.

Once on Diwali I got 7 kgs of Barfi only....

Once , when I was in France for 3 months, someone gave me a beautiful plant as gift, and i regretted my short stay there, now plant is a very good gift but only if the person is a resident, not for a tourist, I couldnt bring it home with me and they spent lot of money on that.

Many people like to gift the things, they like, instead of the items the other person who is at the receiving end would prefer. Here its better to consider other's liking..
Some people buy things in sale and then use them as gift without bothering about usage or anything, in today's time it is totally a wastage of money.
Then some people just gather few things they are not using and pass on as gifts, totally irritating, instead not giving anything is better.

I personally like to give little things but with lot of thought..about the person's liking, choice, uses that is if I know them, otherwise giving cash is better.Whether giving or taking, I never value the cost of the item, but the thought behind it.

So enjoy the season of gifts....



Ankita said…
Nice post

I always gift cash on weddings. and on birthdays etc, a show piece.

happy Diwali!
Asha said…
OMG! 7 kgs of sweets!!

Even I believe cash is better. they can buy things of their choice. or may be gift coupons/cheques.
deeps said…
Such great n pragmatic thought there...thanks...
SG said…
Happy Deepawali to you and your family.

My pet peeve is when I give some gift to someone and they, instead of accepting the gift graciously, immediately want to return a gift back. Why don't they just accept with a nice thank you only.?
Rama Ananth said…
Happy Deepawali Renu!
Have fun and enjoy yourself!
Renu said…

Asha:Yes I made kulfi with some and distributed the rest:)

deeps: Thanks!

SG: exactly, even I tell everyone that give everything when it is time or occasion ,not to just return the favour.

Rama: Thanks Rama !

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