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Just now I went out in the balcony to get some fresh air. In our building there is a children's play area dotted with sand,complete with swings,slide and all. And what I see there---five little girls playing with the sand,making houses, doing pooja,one girl cooking, other shouting-we need laddoos for prasadam.
Now these girls dont belong to any uneducated or lower class, they all come from highly educated parents and they are not told to play these games only, but they are choosing it on their own. These girls are not traditionally dressed but in modern clothes-jeans,skirts,lowers and all. so what it is that makes the girl naturally inclined to be a homemaker? It is their natural instinct given to them by god to make a home, to nurture the world, and here we are trying to reverse the nature.Why...............? Will the food made by a boy will be better ,healthier or more appetising? Or the money earned by the women will bring more prosperity and happiness to the family? What is it we are craving for?

All this started with the suppression and domination of woman and now it has changed into a lopsided thought process. Its true that economic independence makes them truely independent, but the real independence comes from the mind. If the man is progressive, then the woman will get equality irrespective of whether they are earning or not. Havent we heard of many well earning women suffering in the hands of inlaws,husbands? Even in old times there were families where inside the house lady was the head, actually the domain were divided between man and woman.

So the need today is for the mothers to teach their sons to respect the female gender and consider them equal, not to teach their daughters to be unwomanlike or be like a man.n trying to be like a man they are accepting that they are inferior to man, whereas god has made them superior


Ankita said…
very true...why imitate some one..its so sick. Girls must be made to feel proud of themselves and boys should be taught to respect women folk. These small differences in the very basic attitude only creates big troubles in our society.
Chatty Wren said…
Really well said, Renuji. This fight will never end, we all have to play to our strengths and be complementary. Loved the last line a lot - you said it all :)
Amrita said…
why do u see we are trying to reverse the trend? not just indian but global statistics confirm that women are the first to sacrifice career to take up home responsibilities.In fact given women's tendency to forsake career they are paid upto 20% less compared to men. 70% women do not return to work after maternity in the UK to take care of young ones. That is a Staggering Data!

i do not think there is any need for any sort of role reversal. but there in this age and time when norms can be bent i find it praise worthy when men take leave of absence without pay if they are earning less than their partner. at the end of the day its about the common good.

and i dont think men are superior or women inferior. it would be like comparing apples and oranges. there is instinct to do some things better in each gender. And then there is nurture and social conditioning which have made a particular gender better at some tasks. Again... Amazons were female warriors in Greek mythology and Cupid the god of love is male. If we go by 'accepted' norms - women dont indulge in war while men are less emotional.

Phew! a long comment indeed :)
anilkurup said…
It must be what is learned at home, seen off the parents , the father the mother that come out as character in the child. In a house hold where the father and mother have mutual respect, admiration and love the child cannot be different. don't you think so?
rudraprayaga said…
True,Renu. Women,if they go on with their natural way without trying to snatch respect,will automatically earn it.
Asha said…
very true. Sons or daughters, we have to teach them to respect humankind and everybody has to be aware of their roles. men and women can never be equal, they complement each other.
The notion of inequality is a doomed one.

Where did it ever arise from!
Renu said…
Ankita: yes and girls should also retain their feminine qualities instead of aping man.

Chatty Wren: yes Vibha, we compliment each other and we need each other too.

SG: Thanks!

Amrita:..There is no need of role reversal....thats what I want to say and yes whenevr somebody goes an extra mile..its praise worthy..

Anil Kurup: yes, thats the ideal situation, but if thats not true in every home, the least mothers can do is to tell their daughters to make a family and nurture it and to their sons to respect the women,

Rudraprayaga: women resorted to snatching because they were denied for long but now they are going to the other extreme.

Asha:rightly said Asha..just the respct for other human beings can change a lot.

Purple Assasin:It is there in everything..man woman, rich poor and educated uneducated..

Dilip said…
I have observed an encouraging trend in MBA institutions where girls are excelling consistently.

And some of them come from rural background too. The latter work harder and smarter and succeed in breaking the prevailing glass ceilings.
For a child the parents are the role models. I agree with your views.
Ashwini C N said…
Children tend to imitate what parents do. And as you said, parents should treat both boys and girls equally and they must be taught the same thing too.
Renu said…
Dilip :Its fine as long as its their choice,but otherwise swapping genders unnecessarily is not bringing any good.

P.N.Subramniyam: Thank you sir!

Ashwini C.N:Parents should teach both, but everything cant be same except human values...
Chinmayi said…
I think the need of today is Being human instead of just human being-RISING above gender.
Renu said…
Chinmayi: welcome here Chinmayi!

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