Monday, October 14, 2013


Whenever I see something about Madras, I just pick it up, as i am very interested in knowing about this place and people. So I got this book, but never got any insight about Madras or its people, but the story was very engrossing and characters so real that they were on my mind for a week, which rarely happens:).Its about a girl Layla whose father went to US and settled there but makes her come back to Hyderabad and spend six months here in a year.Her life neither here nor there is free. She is brought up in an extremely conservative way.Its all about her thinking, environment around her and social stigmas.
Totally worth a read, awesome understanding of a particular community,lovely to read.

This is the story of Uma who  has dominating parents and a beautiful sister and precious brother Arun.Uma lives a over protected life and so she has no life. She is not able to find a groom for her, so no marriage even. And then Arun goes abroad and lives with Mrs. Patton whose family is also sort of dysfunctional, so we see two sides of everything.Indian over bearing parents who stifle their children and how it affects the children, then a friendly mother but still her family is not such a happy one..interesting to read all that.

Its about a joint family of Banbaari Lal Gupta who came to Delhi after Partition and started a clothes shop. Joint families stay together due to discipline and hierarchy and where the head of te house looks after everyone.But when offsprings decide to do as they want then it disintegrates.As is usual with Manju kapoor the family life that is woven with all its strifes, manipulations and adjustments is so real, and I liked reading about different characters and their choices in life

Read one book  by Anjum Hasan also but not worth mentioning.


Ankita said...


nice post..Manju Kapur is really famous..Now I have heard, Ekta Kapoor is making a serial on her latest novel 'Custody'

KParthasarathi said...

You seem to be on a reading spree of of books of diverse nature and whatever you lay your hand on.Your reviews are crisp and short giving the essence of the books for your readers to choose from.

Chatty Wren said...

Seem to be interesting set of books! I've read - Immigrant by Manju Kapur, would like to read more books by her.

sm said...

both books got nice story plots
must be interesting to read
nice review

Renu said...

Ankita: Manju Kappor writes well..interesting books, I hope Ekta doesnt make a hash of it.

KParthsarthi: I feel very bored in writing full story, even for movies also, just like to state what I liked and what didnt.

Chatty Wren: I have also read immigrant, try Difficult Daughters also, I like her books.

SM; Thanks !

SG said...

Very interesting. Will look them up.

Ankita said...

hehe yess...she does blunders sometimes, as she did with her serial 'mahabarat' :P

Renu said...

SG; Try the one by Sameena..

Ankita: She totally massacres everything:)

SRS said...

very interesting collection of books - am making note of them

Renu said...

SRS:yes Shwetha..first one is really different and characters are so real.

Reflections said...

Both sound interesting...will keep an eye out for them:-).

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