Friday, October 11, 2013


Settel is another place we went to see near Zurich, another one hour drive most scenic drive to a swiss village.. There we took the gandola ride to the is called Stuckli Rondo, this is the first cable car in the world to have revolving gandola, which take you comfortably to the top.

There  we had many  fun things to do and enjoy like..
Tobogun ride..I didnt do it, was scared that I may not be able to control it, my children enjoyed it.

Raffieisen Skywalk..its the longest suspension bridge in Europe

Stuckli we have trampoline and bouncy castle...many rides where one can jump around and here my grandchild enjoyed the most.

Then there are two restaurants, we had our lunch and ate a different type of pizza, with a very thin base and on that cheese and vegetable spread over without any sauce, it was like our masala papad:)

There was a park with swings , slides and lounging chairs, so we had a good time relaxing there, soaking Swiss beauty and enjoying an ice cream.


KParthasarathi said...

You are fortunate to see such lovely places,experience thrilling rides and have a feast of natural sceneries for your eyes.I am glad you enjoyed the visit and I thank you for sharing your experience with pictures

Jeevan said...

What a fabulous place to have some fun! Hope the kid had the enormous
Wonderful shots

SG said...

Thanks for sharing these nice photos.

Zeba said...

Lovely pictures.

Pattu Raj said...

Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Found In Folsom said...

I always dreamt of visiting the swiss and each of your post about the trips makes the wish go stronger. Thank you for sharing.

Renu said...

Kparthsarthi: very true sir, I feel fortunate to see all this..

Jeevan: swiss beauty is a dream come true.

SG: :)

Jeba: welcome here Zeba!

Pattu Raj: Thank you :)

Found in Folsum: I wish that your dream comes true..

Asha said...

lovely pics! i could relate Gondola only to Venice. Gondolas in swiss is news to me.

The pizza which you ate is the original Italian Pizza. My husband who was in Italy(florence and rome) for a while says the thick base ones are American version of Pizzas. We get such thin wooden oven pizzas here in Hyderabad at a place called Ohri's.

Renu said...

Asha: They are called Gandolas but they are cable cars..rotating ones.

Ohri's are best in Hyderabad, I really like Hyderabad

Reflections said...

Lovely pictures Renu and the last one with ur grandson right....he is so cute:-D.


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