It is about a TamBram couple who migrated to US in 80's.As a traditional Tamil family they bring up their children but the children imbibe American culture, they dont like India, Indian food and any restrictions on them in dating. Whereas some other friend's children are different and opposite too theirs. They feel as if they havent done their upbringing well, its their fault.The couple is confused about what is right and what is wrong, when they see contradictions like..
Clara who comes for cleaning the house is sad when her daughter doesnt show any interest in boys, whereas they are angry because their daughters wants to date an American women.
One of their American colleague puts his mother in a home when his father dies and mother falls sick, pays for it and goes to see her but cant live with her, whereas the same thing happens with an Indian friend and he brings his mother to US to look after her and when his children dislike her, he makes them understand that its their duty to look after her .
When their daughter becomes too belligerent they decide to go back to India, in the meantime one other Indian tells his story of going back and children being totally unhappy and so they decide that once they have shifted the base to west, they must accept the change whole heartedly.

I saw CHENNAI EXPRESS...actually it will forever remain a very sweet memory for me, because when I was in Zurich, one of my son's friend one day asked him to see this song..lungi dance and OMG, how my little one got hooked to this, he would watch and copy the actions.But otherwise movie is a thud, only Deepika is the saving grace....


Asha said…
My mom is a voracious reader and sivasankari is one of her favorites. I remember she used to read this serialized version in a tamil magazine anandavikatan. I think it was called aalam vizhudugal or vergal meaning roots(?) not too sure about the name.

I liked chennai express in bits and pieces.
SG said…
Indian families in USA having these problems are old stories. More exaggeration.
Renu said…
Asha; yes, she is a very renowned writer.

SG:May be.
Found In Folsom said…
That kind of problems prevail all over the US. with almost any Indian family staying here. Yes, we are a confused lot.
Renu said…
Found in Folsum: actually assimilating with other's culture is not easy for anyone.

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