Monday, March 31, 2014

Returning To India..Shobha Narayan

This is the story of a young Tambram Shoba who is from a traditional family but wants to spread her wings. She tries to go to US for studies, and for that the hard work that is needed to get visa and scholarship she manages her family who are against her going there..all we see thru her eyes..we are talking about 80's.And then all the comparison between east and west. How western society encourages individualism in everything, one gets multiple choices in life for professions and hobbies,and the earnings over there make everybody fulfil his dream, which not many can hope for in India.Every generation that goes from India, later on starts feeling confused about their loyalty and choices. They miss India but dont want to leave that financial independence and other facilities and good life in US. This dilemma is a big part of their life. Here the protagonist returns ultimately, feeling that advantages of living in your own country cant be quantified..

It is a very interesting account of incidents and people where every Indian will identify herself somewhere..certainly worth a read or twice even

Chennai Latte..Ranjita Ashok and Bala subramaniyam
I got this book thinking that this would be about Chennai life or more accurately..local flavour of everything..tamilian food, maamis and all..but is a contemporary take on local problems...didnt interest me at all. so didnt read it after a few pages.


Rama Ananth said...

Seems like an interesting book.

sm said...

interesting book

Dilip said...

Yes its true young folk who go overseas and plan to settle do have conflict in their value systems. Especially on cultural issues regarding their kids.
I am sure the book deals with such like topics.

Thanks and regards.

deeps said...

again other side of the wall is greener :)
problem of choice

Renu said...

Rama: it very interesting.

sm:yes it is.

Dilip: yes book deals with all the topics of conflict in mind and in a very natural way.

deeps:exactly..difficult to choose..

Chatty Wren said...

Sounds like a book I must read. Thanks for the review.

Chai a Cup of Life said...

I like the sound of the book. The great thing is that Indians live almost everywhere in the world and can create their own community.So at least they can feel a sense of being in their home country.

Renu said...

Chatty Wren:I liked it.

Chai A cup of Life:Thats very true...That way they are very closed community too.

Avada Kedavra said...

I wanted to read this book but then heard some bad reviews. I think I will give this book a try.

Renu said...

Avada Kedavra:Try it..its a memoir , so very real.