Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Must See India

Travelling in India with a Difference  
Travelling is a common passion among people of all ages. Be it honeymooners,  or adventurers and wildlife buffs travelling is the best stress buster.  Travelling does not only help relieve your mind and senses but also allows you to get away from the busy mundane life and spend time with yourself or your family. 
If you want to travel in India then you either go through the traditional way of booking your packages with your trusted travel agent or adopt the more modern approach of booking holidays online. This trend has been growing more and more people are moving towards online mode for their day to day needs. There are numerous online travel websites which offers various packages and travelers can book them from the comfort of their home. However, these packages are mostly very expensive and there is no way that the traveler can decipher as to where his money is being spent. Regular follow up with the customer care is another hassle most the travelers go through while booking packages online. is the largest travel information website which has changed the dynamic of the way holidays are booked in India. They have come up with this unique tool called ‘Create Your Own Packages’ which allows the travelers to book their holidays in India in flat 10 minutes and that too without the intervention of the call center. This tool is instrumental in allowing the tourists to select and drop inclusions as per their budget and requirement. This will help understand as to exactly where and how the traveller’s money is being spent.  

The prices of the packages are very competitive and will give complete freedom of choosing the hotels as well as transport. The company has tie-ups with the best of vendors and hotel in each budget range, comparing them over 7 different parameters. The stringent protocol followed for selecting quality hotels will ensure that you have a great and comfortable holiday. The main focus behind this tool is to keep the process of holiday booking very transparent so that the customers do not feel ripped off, which is a general grievance against the travel operators. They offer customizable packages to most of the destinations across the country.  
The website receives 5 million user visit monthly and boast of over 100,000happy customers since the launch of the company in the year 2008. This website is the best way to book your holiday, your way.  

Disclaimer: This is an advertisement post.


Chai a Cup of Life said...

We always book our holidays online! It is the best way especially for last minute deals because we often travel like this.

Renu said...

with my hubby, planning is nevr succesful:)

Jeevan said...

that's interesting approach! we ever booked with travel companies... we travel only on our own.

Renu said...

Jeevan: This is the new age funda:)

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