Monday, April 7, 2014

Return of the fundamentalist...Mohsin Hamid

I got this book, because I wanted to read and know how a Pakistani thinks....The story runs exactly the same way it does in White Tiger by Arvind Adiga, whereas Arvind is telling his story to Chinese premier, here the writer is telling his story to American tourist in Lahore.

The protagonist goes to US for further studies, admires their free ,fair and good systems, their colleges, their corporate world, almost everything it provides,makes use of it, enjoys the perks and still he resents US.And after 9/11, instead of feeling empathy, he is more against them and whenever any of his colleague asks him to conform , even for little things, he doesnt do it and returns ultimately. He thinks that US must side with Pakistan in any conflict with India and warn India. India is the big belligerent neighbour.....etc..

I cant believe why some people keep on saying that Pakistani leaders create trouble, but an ordinary citizen there is not like that, I think all the people there have been brainwashed into thinking bad of India.


sm said...

yes they are brainwashed

SG said...

The fundamental issue is religion comes first for them.

Renu said...

sm: I am puzzled, a person intelligent enough to study in premium institutions in US can be brainwashed?

SG:Let it be..but why cant they see the truth?

Asha said...

Religion and its tenets have been ingrained into them ever since young, Renu.Near my home we have a ICSE school exclusively run by bohra community. The children after the school hours from young to teen go to the madrasa.

Anyways that was closely related to your post. I feel that what they learn in their childhood they carry it to the foreign lands whereever they stay.

BTW, i am impressed with your range of book genre.

Renu said...

Asha: For me there has nevr been any genre in anything..I liked MBs too and Enid Blytons and some classics too..I love reading:)

Renu said...

Renu: and I though Bohras were more liberal..