Friday, April 18, 2014


Slowly slowly, i am becoming a fan of Ravi subramanian....I always wondered how all these biggies transfer their money to Swiss banks and their modus operandi:)..he is always giving lot of info about banking..

This story is about Aditya raisinghania and Cirisa who are from different communities but fall in love and marry. Then Cirisa feels that Adi is not a very principled person, for him means are not important, only the results and money are.But love.he does.She gets a scholarship for research from MIT Boston and theirs is a long distance relationship now.
Her father Narayanan also runs a business of Emu farming and when in trouble has no qualm about doing always taking help from Adi in money laundering and other problems.
There in Boston also she discovers that even in field of academia, there is greed and egos which make everything possible, even murder.People fudge the results of research which makes her feel totally disgusted. She is not ready to accept all this she gets murdered...

And then Adi realises what he has done, misses Cirisa and wants to find the killers at any cost, even if he gets the rap..Cirisa has left enough clues for him to find everyone..

very interesting novel..worth a read..


Anonymous said...

I've not read Bankerupt, but I've read a couple of his other books. I find them interesting because the plots he weaves are fantastic but realistic because of his inside knowledge of the banking system.

SG said...

Thanks for the nice review.

Renu said... I have read many of his books, and so far found all of them very interesting..

SG: my pleasure!

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