Friday, April 11, 2014

Reality check:)

 an AAP volunteer came to me - Do you reside here, please vote for AAP.
I - (Smiled and asked) Do you know Nina Nayak ?
He - Yeah she is.. she is..... and then he searched his bag to check her profession (He didnt know obviously). After finding the printed template says she is an activist.
I - do you know your activist candidate wanted the Juvenile Rapist of Nirbhaya case to get away because of social background of the rapist? She also wants reservation in private sector.
He - No no thats not correct, I will check
I - If you want i can help you with relevant information.
I - Hey, Do you know who is Babu Mathew.
He - Yeah he is our AAP candidate(confidently)
I - Do you love terrorists?
He - No, why?
I - Do you know he signed mercy petition of terrorist Ajmal Kasab.
He - Thats not correct, I will check
I - By the way, what do you think of Prashant Bhushan
He - (Rather quickly in between) See it was just a statement
I - No no dont worry i am not even talking Kashmir statement, we know his point of view very well. Anyways.
I - Wanted to ask what do you think about "Bhagat Singh" What are your views
He - Bhagat Singh was a freedom fighter
I - But your Prashant Bhushan feels otherwise, he thinks Bhagat Singh was a terrorist
He - (In disbelief) No thats not correct. I will check
I - He fought a case in court to ensure that NCERT books dont remove "Bhagat Singh was a terrorist". That means he feels strongly about it.
a pat on his shoulder while leaving and told him that i have nothing against you , all i want you to be aware whom you support on the name of "Systemic change". He smiled, "I will check".


Sandhya said...

Nice! Had a good laugh! Immature people. They will mature by next election!

Chai a Cup of Life said...

Ha ha, poor guy! Liked the last line :-)However, very relevant questions.

up↑take said...

Poor guy :)
"Activists" are busy blaming somebody or something all their lives. So they never have time to look inside and correct their own flaws.

SG said...

I don't know what to comment. I will check and come back.

Renu said...

Sandhya: They got too much too soon..

Chai a cup of life:Thats call reality check:):)

uptake:..they are in hurry to get power.

SG: Actually AAP has taken everyone into his fold without knowing them. Because they didnt have enough candidate to field and they were in hurry to contest..

Pratibha said...

Its a very young party and most of the volunteers would also be new recruits. I'd rather say they have young, enthusiastic supporters and volunteers who definitely need to educate themselves more about the party they are campaigning for and not just identify with the spirit they represent.
So its ok..if some of their volunteers are less informed...I ma sure it would be the same story for majority of the party workers of other popular parties.

Renu said...

Pratibha: I am so happy to see you here..yours is one of the strong voices I hear..I like it:)

Its not a question of less informed ..They should have contested few seats but with good candidates..instead of taking evry tom dick and harry and diluting their brand..

Rama Ananth said...

Good one. They are really a very immatured and useless party. Just imagine giving our country in their hands.

Renu said...

Rama Ananth: I hope the voters realise this..

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