This movie brings this idea of helping chain where if you help someone , instead of accepting thanks ask him to help another 3 people and take this chain forward..I read this idea somewhere 10 years back and in Chicken soup for the soul books too..and always wondered why we dont do it...

Here Jai is our quintessential hero with magnificent physique and golden heart,but more importantly he behaves like a superman..Instead of finding solution in killings and fights, if they had some feasible ideas and solutions,even in a comic way..it would have been very enjoyable.casting is very good..Tabu,Nadira Babbar,Yash Tonk ,Resham Tipnis,
Mahesh Manjeraker  and few  I  didnt  recognise....
Since   I am a big fan of  Salman khan ,I enjoyed in bits and pieces and wished for a good director

This is one picture with a very good idea spoiled by story writer or screenplay writer whatever. The brilliant idea could have turned into an excellent movie....secondly Daisy Shah is not worth a single scene even..no heroine material....

Saw Odd life of Timothy Green and XXX.State of the Union..and enjoyed both..first for its sweet weird happenings  and second for its unbelievable stunts..


I am not a great fan of Salman's, but I do watch portions of his movies (very rarely the full movie) for de-stressing!
I am not a Salman fan, but I find watching portions of some of his movies can be de-stressing. Some of his movies are quite distressing!
My son made me watch this movie. I was trying to get him to watch a Disney movie, "Frozen"!! He loves Salman, but I am not a fan of his acting!
SG said…
Thanks for the nice review.
Renu said…
proactiveindian.com:I know that i am in minority where Salaman is concerned:)..but I like him for many things..his generous nature and helping attitude..and the romance in his movies is so pure..

Chai A cup Of life: I just like his personna..not fan of his acting but him:)

Jeevan said…
helping chain sounds wonderful! great idea indeed, but it seems the film failed to emphasis.

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