Sunday, December 26, 2010


Just the other day I saw an advertisement for Navy ball and decided to  go there.Whenever I see the people from forces, I stand in awe at their grooming..what discipline and style they have !!very admiring ! This function was so systematic When i heard that there would be around1000 people, I was apprehensive that may be there would we too much of crowd in a cramped place or may be a long queue for food, and ultimately food may be short too..and all that. But nothing of the sort. It was planned in a huge space where all the people were assigned a table and coupons were given for drinks and food. and no lines anywhere.
In the show for entertainment there were belly dancers from Russia and laser shows, both were very good. In the three laser shows best one was where they showed how this navy day came into existence.from 71 war...that time  Navy had helped the country get an awesome victory.
When I saw the girls who participated in the pageant , I realised how much work must be being done by Femina people who organise them. Because here  Except the three girls woh won, rest all were just not prepared at all...they were total raw, and so nervous that they looked like beauty( I am not even sure about that though) without brains.
Food was catered by Ambasador Pallava, I dont know this hotel and now I dont even want to know:). For vegetarians, neither there was variety nor taste .It was a great opportunity for them to publicise themselves , but they botched it up all.

The judges were P Vasu, Chitti Babu,Renuka David, Rekha Menon, and Mrs, Girhotra.


chitra said...

Except for food it was good evening I believe.

Sandhya said...

Must have been boring!

If the food also is not good, then it is bad, Renu!

Insignia said...

Its the girls whose parents are in the defense force who have been winning beauty pageants. Maybe its got to do with adaptability and discipline.

Shrutzz said...

ahh Nice..I love to watch beauty Pageants

Aparna said...

The Russian dance must have been good.
I am surprised to know that the vegetarian cuisine was not good. In most places in India veg food is excellent.

Gouri Guha said...

Must have been a mixed-bag experience there:)

Renu said...

Chitrta: Yes it was good, new experience to me.

Sandhya:.I expected better, but then it was ok, as entertainment quotient was ok.

Insignia:..true, and then their life style is very modern, and they have lot of self confidence too.

Shrutzz: They are more enjoyable on TV:)

Aparna:.yeas Belly dance was very good, the fluid movements were a treat to watch and so was the laser show.
Now a days we are getting westernised, emphasis is more on liquor and non veg:)

gauri guha:exactly..I went with lot of apprehensions that may be I wont get a seat, or no food, or there may be queues, but it turned out to be quite well managed, except food part.

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