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Last week suddenly i had to make a trip to Hyderabad and what a pleasure it was.weather was so good over there and i realised that how much the mother tongue means to everyone. I felt so good that i could talk in Hindi and when I went to Fresh..lovely Hindi movie songs were being played, and I enjoyed so much that just loitered around.

Koffee with Karan season 3 has started and I watched a few episode and liked that new generation stars are not so diplomatic.When Deepika and Sonam put Ranbeer down for his sex appeal, so much noise was made, but when Ranbir and Imran put Sonam and Deepika last in acting and looking sexy , nobody batted an eye.I didnt understand why. But for Salman, stars are high now .a days, Dabang is the biggest grosser of all times and he is the top most search ( in Bollywood) at Google also  and then everybody  at KWK praised him and chose him most of the times over Sharukh.I am happy for that.

Now a days I am reading a book by Dr. Sunny Satin..Incerdibly believable..The Shift...its quite interesting and says that by 2012 the world will start changing and by 2029 we will have a new age where all the corruption and maladies of today will disappear.and its all scientific as earth's vibrations will change and become higher. And I was surprised because last week only my sister told me that her guru also told the same thing that by 2012 things will start changing, and people will start behaving in the right way instead of being selfish and self centered


Deeps said…
I hope the prediction in the book you're reading comes true!
Insignia said…

Your last para gives some hope. hope the world becomes a better place to live. That people stop migrating and feel peace at their home country. The barriers are removed and so are protectionism and fanaticism.
Shrutzz said…
oh you travelling again!!! I like people who visit multiple places and love it...
I love to watch Koffee with Karan, the attire to language to everything just pulls me to watch the show....
chitra said…
Hope all things change for good.
good to know you had a nice time in H'bd. i will be picking up your tag soon. I have made it ready.
A said…
World is always changing. But I agree with you the world will start changing more in 2012. I wish and hope we have corruption free world....

Thanks for putting this last paragraph.
Enigma said…
I long for the day when a corruption free era will be born.
nitwit said…
seems like this the new generation is more aware abt more human stuff
nitwit said…
seems like this the new generation is more aware abt more human stuff
Sandhya said…
So, 2012 is going to be a good year? I wish it happens. We need it very badly, Renu!

I feel like how you felt when you went to Hyderabad, when I go to Bangalore. But feel restless after a week and feel like coming back home, here!
Avada Kedavra said…
Hope so (for the last para).. hope things get better in 2012.
KWK was good..even I liked the way the girls spoke open heartedly, instead of diplomatically. No wonder Rishi was angry :)
dr.antony said…
Fantasies to be true.
And about Salman Khan,he just looks like a mentally subnormal person and acts the same.
Madhu said…
Renu, yeah even i heard somewhere about 2012. Not sure how much truth there is in it but how much worst can it get when it comes to corruption and crime? So i guess it has to be a good change :)
Reflections said…
I watched the 1st episode and found it quite stilted esp Aishwarya rai & stopped watching after tht;-/
Oh I'm always rooting for Salman Khan....all the way;-D

The book sounds intersting but on the whole not very convincing...I mean if the author said 2032 I might be persuaded to believe but 2012 is just too close what with all the scams and shadayantra's going on in the country;-P
Renu said…
Deeps: I hope so too:)

insignia:.the book says that it would happen and I want to believe in all the good things.

Enigma: me too:)

nitwit: hey..nice to see you back..how you doing?

Sandhya:.But I nevr want to come back from Hyderabad:)..I just love that place.

Shrutzz: some episode i also like very much and wait for the rapid fire round:)

Chitra:..good .I am coming there to see the taag:)(

A: I have read at many places that world will start changing from 2012.

Avada Kedavra:..I felt that Rishi was over reacting and it was vicious of them to remove the girls from their world tour.

Dr. Antony: Salman is my favourite..cant say anything any more:)

Madhu: yes Madhu .your logic is right, now we have no more space to go down, only way is to go up:)

Reflection:.Cant tell you how happy I am to see you here:)
The whole Bacchan family is pompous and irritating...watch Priyanka Shahid episode.
The author said that change will start from 2012 and wil be complete by 2029..
rama said…
Looking forward to 2012 very eagerly.

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