Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How Opal mehta Got kissed got wild and got life

This novel is by Kavya Vishwanathan,a very young author and has a fresh and funny approach. This is the story of a young Gujarati girl of affluent educated parents settled in New Jersey.Since she is the only daughter they have pinned all their hopes on her getting into Harvard.She is an extraordinarily intelligent student, so it shouldnt be tough for her. But in the interview for admission, she is asked to get a social life, because they want rounded individuals,not automatons, and she is shocked because so far she was so focused on her goal that she didnt bother about making friends or having fun.And how her parents make a plan to get her popular,make friends and all makes the crux of the story.The way her parents plan every little thing sometimes borders on being ridiculous, but they get desired results.All in all an interesting novel, and for me all books, good or bad leave some teachings and impressions, for this they are--
1-Having fun has different meaning for different people,its not always going to parties, wearing
fashionable clothes, for some fun could be in solving physics formula also.
2--If one focuses one's mind on anything,nothing is impossible to achieve, only a well planned
and continuous effort is required.
3--parents should not burden their children with their over expectations and let the children
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decide their own choices.


SG said...

My humble request. Please spell check before publishing. Harward. Indivisuals.

I agree with you, Parents should not burden their children with their over expectation.

Bikramjit said...

oh yes having fun is different for different people , to me it is being with friends and family having a good time playing pranks and laughing .. for others its drugs and alcohol :)

seems to be a good book

manjujoglekar said...

Seems to be an interesting novel. :)

Yes, as Bikram said, fun means different things for different people!

Dilip said...

Interesting. Point 3 is extremely important for parents to note.

Renu said...

SG:I am sorry, I am always careless with spellings..and typo errors.

Bikram: its a very interesting book.

Manju: I was surprised to see what all parents can plan and execute:)

Dilip:This book is interesting in its perspective.

My journey said...

I have read this book long before, its an interesting read but have been hearing that much portion of this book is copied from many sources.

rudraprayaga said...

All the three points are to be followed to reach whatever aim may be there.

chitra said...

Parents should give children responsibility and support them instead of overburdening them to fulfill their desire.

deeps said...

this one is for both parents and children...

Haddock said...

Having fun has different meaning for different people... this is so true especially when we look at it in the Indian context.

Renu said...

My journey: I also read somewhere that she copied, but dont rememebr whether for this book or next one...

Rudraprayag: yes they are good to follow.

deeps: happy to see you here after a long time..

Haddock:You are so right..In India, some people find fun in spending time with parents or relatives too:)

Rahul Aggarwal said...

oh this reminded me of the news i read recently in paper about an indian girl somewhere in US with an IQ greater than the likes of Albert Einstein, Edison and Newton all prepared to move to some Ivy League colleges there in US ..the only thing different was that she didn't needed a social life ..she was way too normal unlike the girl in this novel ..

also reminded of the movie "failure to launch" where parents does everything to make their child have some social life and make him move out of the house...!

Renu said...

Rahul Aggarwal..have you read this novel?..here the girls is just normal, book worm, but her parente shown more committed than her:) and how they fulfil their ambition thats the key:)

Failure to launch really shows us western culture and mind set..where parents feel that a grown up son living with them is a hindrance to their life and enjoyment:)