Friday, October 12, 2012


When i was in Zurich, one day we went to Appenzell..its the best of Switzerland.specially the drive.vast green spaces, all well maintained..lots of trekking trails. And all that we used to see in Yash chopra movies:) all houses are decorated with murals or fresco.Its a small village full of beautiful landscapes.

this was the revolving table set on the road with wine bottles.

We parked the car and took a stroll in the bylanes of the village.Then my littleone got attracted to the soap bubbles in air and I was thinking ,from where it is coming,then I saw that on the top of a souvenir shop there is a toy joker continuously dispensing soap bubbles.

Best thing about Europe is the cobbled roads in the city full of cafes and designer merchandise.Its heavenly to walk and see and eat....It looks like people have no work there, they just enjoy life.but its not so. I think they believe hard and party harder.

First time I saw cattles grazing,otherwise i never see animals in the open anywhere.


Found In Folsom said...

Beautiful. It's one of my dream vacations. I hope I will go there someday.

SG said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I apprciate it.

Anonymous said...

What lovely photographs, Renu!

Why was there a revolving table with wine bottles on the street? Did people sample the wine?

Is that you and your grandson in the photo? How old is he?

Harman said...

thanks for sharing ..very pretty place.. lucky you!

Sandhya said...

Beautiful pictures, Renu! It is so nice to see empty and clean roads.

So, this is your grandson! What is his name?

Renu said...

Found in Folsom:once it was mine too:)..I wish that your wish gets fullfilled soon.

Manju: Thanks Manju ! actually I nevr use camera, they are all from my mobile, thats why i cant get better than this:)

Yes, anybody could taste it and if he liked then could go inside the shop and buy.

yes Thats my darling, he is one year and 2 months.

harman: Thanks harman, its really a dreamy place.

SG: Thanks SG!

Sandhya:Yes Sandhya, its nice to see them..
and yes he is my little one..his name is Aryan:)

rama said...

Nice pictures Renu. It is also my wish to one day visit this beautiful country.

Happy Kitten said...

Lovely photos and lucky you! Hope one day a visit will come true for me too.

Some of our places in India are similar to Switzerland if only it was maintained well. Maybe one day it will.

Renu said...

rama: Thanks rama !

Happy kitten: In India we have even better places, but no infrastructure to see them and no maintenance.

Rahul Aggarwal said...

oh you must have added the pic of cattle gazing as well :P

lovely pictures btw !

Reflections said...

Very beautiful pictures Renu!!!

Switzerland is a must-visit place in my travel-list. Someday mein jayoongi;-D.

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