Monday, October 8, 2012


Recently I saw Ishkjaade,,though its not new..but I liked it, so want to share it..When i see some new actors and good at their craft, I feel that older lot should make way for new ones. Some old heroes like..Sharukh, Akshay, Ajay, Sanjay...all look so haggard and jaded, same for the heroines, and then on top of that oldies like sridevi..Madhuri, karishma, Raveena, they all want to come back....why spoil their image in the minds of viewers...

I like Parineeti very much, she is so natural ,like a fresh breeze...Only minus point in this movie was cliche end..why cant they show a new beginning..I have seen the umpteen movies where Hindu Muslim love cant conquer, except in Bombay.I would have preferred to see some progressive thinking here.... Gohar Khan as the dancer, is so adorable. Arjun kapoor is Ok.

Now a days I am getting addicted to Grey's Anatomy, and  another of my favourite is coming here..ACCORDING TO JIM..its a wonderful comedy.I love it.

And this time Bigboss has taken a very eclectic mix of people and quite interesting too and removed Sanjay dutt as anchor, he was such a spoiler last time, so may be I could watch that too..


SG said...

I am not living in India. So I have no idea as to what you are writing about. But I am glad you like what you are viewing.

The Storyteller said...

I haven't seen Ishaqzaade. But I liked Parineeti in Ladies Vs Ricky Behl. Nice Jeffrey Archer type story it had.

Grey's Anatomy I used to watch last year - I asked my nephew to download it and watched it at a go. Its ok. But after a point I want to shake Meredith. She's a qualified gifted doctor. I don't know why she's so obsessed with love and relationships.

You should watch Big Bang Theory. Its a really nice and intelligent comedy.

My journey said...

Yeah it has been a good year for Bollywood. Many new comers, some come backs.
About BiggBoss I still wonder why Sidhdhu opted to go inside the house? Hope this time it is bit less vociferous as said by Salman.

Rachna said...

I want to watch Ishqzaade. I missed it when it came on TV. And, I really dislike Bigg Boss.

Sandhya said...

I don't like Salman Khan also who comes in the BIGG Boss ad. He looks his age too.

I will keep the name Ishqzaade in mind to watch.

We are, my husband and I are still addicted to Balika Vadhu!

Harman said...

nice ,,we dint see that movie ,,
and Bigg boss doesn't come no idea abt that..

Renu said...

SG: .first one is a hindi movie..grey's anatomy and according to Jim are bot us serials, I started watching them there and liked them.

Story Teller:.In Grey's, I like the pair of Burke and Yang and then Izzie too...and you see love is always the mainstay of our life:)

Saw Big bang a few times..too nerdy for me:)

My Journey: Hello are u?..The little I saw of Siddhu, I liked his shayari..I fcant devote one hour everyday to this, so just catchup a little.

Rachna: Ishkjaade is a simple old love story, but told in a refreshing way enhanced by actors.

Sandhya:I like Salman Khan:)

I also catchup all other serials.balika badhu,kya hua tera vaada, is pyaar ko kya naam doon, but regularly i watch only grey.s anatomy.

harman: you are not missing anything:)

Bikramjit said...

YEah I liked that movie too , both the actors were goood ..

and as you said I wish they had shown the couple escaped and lived happily everafter ...

big boss no idea although i heard navjote sidhu is one of them so we can have a lot of laughters and his on the spot shayari ..


My journey said...

Renu ji: I am fine, Thank you!! Hope you are doing good as well :)

Reflections said...

I liked Ishqzaade too except for the ending. It was different & Parineeti Chopra was very good.
I read abt Salman & his parrot in the tabloids, don't knw much more than tht.Actually we dont have channels at home[conscious decision;-P] but I watch Is pyaar ka kya naam doon on the net. Thats abt it;-D

Rahul Aggarwal said...

even i liked pariniti in the movie ..

can't talk about anything else as i don't have a television at my place ..

sm said...

havent seen the movie

Renu said...

Bikram:it would have been inspiring too, if they had shown some sympathisers and progressive people, and some systems support to such couples.

Siddhu must have got pots of money for this but Its good that siddhu came, he is a good man trying to units pauls.

My Journey! :)

Reflections:Parineeti is really exceptional:)

Rahul Aggarwal:No TV..good, you must be spending time in some constructive activities the.TV is such an addiction and waste of time.


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