Tuesday, July 1, 2008

2-3 news today in TOI worth mentioning---

  • Suicide of Praveena-she was married 2 months back, fought with her husband on honeymoon only and came back without telling him to her parents, when they scolded her. she lived with her grandparents.................................

What the world is coming to, marriage is not a ladoo to be eaten, its only hard work which makes it successful. One needs to work continuously first to make the bond stronger and then to keep it alive. I feel surprised that today when people are going all out for seeking info and advice for the good health, better carrier and prosperity, why they are leaving behind the relationships.Relationships are the main stay of life and contribute a lot for the well being of everybody.I feel so happy only because i have so many people around me who love me, but for keep on getting their love, I will have to work towards that. Nothing comes on a platter. I feel pity for the people who take their relationships for granted and when everything is lost they repent but nothing can be gained after a certain time. And suicide----its the biggest waste of a precious life, and life long sadness for the parents of the person who commits.There is nothing, absolutely nothing in life , no problem which can not be solved and suicide is a problem not solution of anything.

  • Women cop held taking bribe---------

I always used to think that if more women come into the professions, world may be a better place to live, as they will be more honest and committed, but it seems to be not like that. may be it is the position or what, but women also take to corruption the same as men. I am completely disillusioned.

  • Shinjini finally recovers-----------------

She is a 16 yr old girl who took part in a reality show and rudely rejected by the judges and she lost her speech.She is on the TV 24 hrs,blame being put on the judges. But I fully disagree with that, according to me parents are to blamed, because it is parents who want their children to participate because of the greed for fame and money.They know the format of the show and agree for everything. For winners everything is good and for losers---------they start telling about the minus points of these shows.

  • Heavy rain hits normal life in Mumbai-------------------

Every year rains create a havoc in Mumbai, residents are put to lot of problems and difficulties, may lives are in danger, and some even loose their lives BUT govt. never takes concrete steps to tackle the problem, I cant understand the apathy of the system.........., but I am so scared of mumbai rains that i would never want my children to visit mumbai in this season.
  • Loan waiver creates " haves" and "havenots"
Here the irony is that haves are those who didnt pay their loans and havenots are those who were paying regularly. And now the villagers who paid are regretting because they scrimped and saved to pay, and now they are saying that they would not pay thier loans now, because in next few years govt. will again come up with such an scheme ( quite a hair brained one). honesty does not pay according to them now. Our finance minister is changing the minds of people and how.............


Balvinder Singh said...

Have we ever thought why Bombay and Calcutta are drowned during rains every year and the intensity of flooding and the casualities due to that have been increasing year after year. It struck me after witnessing the scene after immersions of idols during Ganesh Chaturthi and Durga Puja last year that every year Bombay and Calcutta drown their gods after worshipping them for a few days and then leave them on the sea or river shores to be fragmented by waves and winds. Well the God does the same to these cities year after year. Well after all the mother nature does fight back.

Renu said...

Seems to me that people concerned have lost the touch with the common man, yesterdy when I saw people wading thru dirty water, 1 ft water in their homes, I felt really sad.

sansmerci said...

i totlaly agree abou tthe relationship part.. instead of grasping the good side of individuality.. ppl are prioritizing the self more than love and people.. n the result being broken marriages in matter of days... we r becomin valueless and moralless .. n most of all loveless today

Renu said...

I thing we should introspect ourselves and try to rectify it before it is too late. and the begining can be made with us and then our children.