Friday, July 18, 2008


This one I have blasted in my earlier posts. But then we had tried only chaats. But still I take back my words.This time we went inside and had south indian , Dosa and sambhar vada both were very delicious. And inside its a\A/C--very first requirement in chennai's weather and ambiance is also very good.
We had north indian dinner also like daal makhani, butter pneer masala,haandi paneer, stuffed kulcha, methi parantha and naan.Butter paneer masala and stuff kulchas were very good, though a little spicy, but daal makhanai and other things were also good.
We are ordered coffee also, and liked.
So I would say this restaurant rates--
very good in ambiance
very good for idli dosa
good for north Indian also
and rates are also not very high..


Reflections said...

gone on holiday? not to be seen:-)

Renu said...

happy to see that sombody is missing me:), no i was not on holiday, i was hospitalised, had a thyroidectomy.

Reflections said...

oh, gosh!!!! so sorry to hear u've been hospitalized. R u ok now?

actually why dont u put up a post on this topic....the rest of us can be aware of the risks...what say????

Renu said...

Thanks dear for your concern ! i am recovering and yes I am going to put everything in detail on the blog, because even if there is a good doctor, i want everybody to know.

Renu said...

I am a very laid back person in the areas of comp.Once suggested by another blogger, I went to, but I dont know why, I enjoy writing on my blog only:)

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