Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Food Court in Spencer Plaza-Chennai

On the third floor ,in Spencer Plaza, food court is there. It has many restaurants like.......
Pathankot---it serves north indian food like daal, sabji,naan etc and there are many others likw Qwiky --cafe and others for south indian, and bakery items and chaat even. But since it was quite noisy, crowded and I felt suffocated , so we didnt sit there. But outside there is one sweet shop. It is a Chennai version of Delhi's Haldiraam. almost exactly same menu-like all the sweets including jalebi:), Dhokla..........in all, the varieties, like sandwiched one and all..........it is a rarity here, atleast I havent seen anywhere else, then Chaat counter, chola bhatoora and all that. we took orange rasagullas..........they are my favourite since I ate them first in 1975 in Ranchi in Uday Misthaan bhandaar in lalpur chowk ranchi-----there they were really out of this world...........now of course I always find--if i find at all..........a poor version of that, and here also it was OK.............actually for me anything is better than nothing:), then we tried Raj Kachori---it was good and quite filling.
Then there is one Arun Icecream outlet, I never tried it, as I always thought of it as something local, we had only kwality walls, because earlier also we tried Vadilal in MP but never liked it. But Arun's is quite good , we took---single scoop of Bengali badshah-it gives you a very authentic taste of Rajbhog in icecream--quite a unique concept, and then we had one with strawberry flavour and sauce, it was also very tasty

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