Monday, July 7, 2008


There are many ways of sharing wealth, these are the few ways I think we can without really even giving much;-----
  • On the railway stations when we see porters, we must utilise their services if we can afford-----because we are helping some one to earn living. Do not think that they are charging more, or exploiting us, havenots can never exploit anybody.
  • keep as many servants at your home as you can afford---we are giving them employment and then we can do their help in their hour of need.
  • Instead of thinking of going far away to charity we can atleast adopt a family in the sense that we would counsel them, help them whenever possible, and it can be the family of your own maid, sweeper anybody. Doing just this much can change the face of the earth.
  • Normally what happens that due these bargains published in the paper we go to great distances in the hope of a bargain, without realising that we will be spending more than the amount we save on fuel and time will be wasted that is different.
  • Dont bargain too much with vegetable vendors----they dont make much----plus their commodity is perishable item. however we bargain, we cant save much, its only our habit.
  • Try to do most of your shopping from your nearest shopkeepers-------it will save the travelling of goods---ur travelling------fuel in the end. and in the bargain ur area will develop.
  • everybody used to tell me earlier not to buy anything in lieu of old clothes. thats also right but when we buy from them we are encouraging them to work, because the people involved in trading utensils against old clothes are also poor. To help them what we can do is not to drive a hard bargain.


Balvinder Singh said...

Thought provoking indeed. We often bargain while buying from roadside vendors for small amounts who are firstly helping the society by not becoming a burden for seeking employment, being self employed and secondly charge us the minimum profit on the stuff that they are selling. On the other hand we never bargain at the big shopping malls and proudly pay the MRP. We forget that the Mall owners earn a big profit, who even charge us for the luxuries which they own.

Renu said...

Somethings we do only out of habit, like we will always give something to a beggar, but to a seller we 'll think hundred times about the utility of item, I alaways buy the item to encourage them to work, and then I can donate it.

Smriti said...

Very insightful! I totally agree with you. In fact to this date I regret that last time I bargained with a vendor in India and that too for hand-painted paintings, which I anyway feel are so undervalued in India!

Balvinder you are so right. I think we try to take advantage when we're in a position to do so. We know that a poor vendor will listen to us while the malls hardly care.

Renu said...

I always make a point ot buy something from handloom weavers, whenever they have any exhibition . It is our duty to save out heritage and culture

Vishal said...

Very well said! I have stopped bargaining with people especially small time vendors. I also remember my mamaji always said and did this. I also agree with Mr. Balvinder when he says that big shopkeepers even charge us for the luxuries which they own. If at all we should bargain with them.

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