Tuesday, July 15, 2008

maid servants-bai

Maids are also biggest tension providers---if you have them then you are always worrying--when will she come, or if she has taken a leave today, and if u dont have , then you are always searching for them. Once I find somebody, I normally fix one thing very specifically like time.
So here I fixed 7.30 am for her, first she came at 8, then 9, then 10 and then sometimes she came at 1 pm. Poor me--------always waiting..........waiting,and more waiting and then getting angry,hyper, making my BP higher, and so ultimately i chucked her. and then she comes to me, saying that she works in a house where always she gets late as she is given much more work to do than decided upon.
And it came to mind that normally we dont think twice before asking our maids to do something extra for multiple reasons...like we have guests, or we have called people for dinner etc. without
thinking that she has other houses also, and she has her hands full. And poor maids end up getting all the blame for their irregularities and sometimes even loosing their jobs.So who is to blame?.......we educated people taking advantage of them or they who are uneducated but generous with what they have---capacity of doing physical labour.... So what is the solution ?
i think that if we keep a part time servant, we must stick to the work plan we engaged her for, nothing extra, otherwise not only we are taking advantage of Her --- if we are not paying extra for that ----and if we are paying extra then we are inconveniencing our neighbors-those houses where she is working.
If you have any other idea how to manage this, please tell me.


Shalom said...

Even as I write this, I'm waiting for my maid to show up.....she's more than an hour late already and I'm just trying to not lose my cool, so I empathise completely :)

Usually I have a fixed time for her to come, but on days when I need to go out, I ask her in advance when she needs to report to the other houses and fix up a time that is mutually convenient. Also when I have family visiting us for a few days, the workload naturally increases, so I tell her that I'll be having guests and will pay her extra, and again, we work out a time that suits both of us.

I guess the key is to try to balance out our needs and theirs as well.

Renu said...

Thanks for stopping by.I agree, balance is the key to everything in life, and if we empathise with our neighbours, we shall be more considerate. Everybody tells me that people exploit me, but I feel that in life it is better to be exploited than exploit anybody

Reflections said...

Here in Dubai, the part time maids have a fixed time to come and 98% of them keep to the timings because if they r late at 1 place then automatically they r going to be late at all the other houses they have to go to. And since most people are working here, everybody has schedules to follow & so this latecoming inconveniences everybody.

So the people here themselves dont let the maids stay after their time coz we all know how inconvenienced we'll be if our maids dont turn up on time.

ps. reading it back I myself am getting confused...does it make sense to u:-D?

Arun PK said...

I used hear this from my Mom all the time. But now the maid in our house comes in the Morning and does the dishes etc.. then she runs off to another place where she's the "cook" and in the evening she comes to our place again to do the rest of the chores, like sweeping the floor etc...

Renu said...

yes D-is that your name ? if everybody follows the schedule, then life wud be a bliss, but here in Chennai, even if the lady is working , then on saturday sunday, she doesnt feel like leaving the maid at all. How exasperating it is only i know !because if its a weekend, so it is for us also. I just wish that we Indian would learn to be a little more considerate towards everybody.
Yes, Arun, that is the way they divide their work, but suppose when she comes in the morning for dishes, you give her so much to do, that she is very late for her cooking assignment, then waht will happen to those people's lunch, even if it is occasionally.

Sunshine said...

We never had a maid :( actually my mum loves to do all the work hardly ever lets me help her with the chores. I end up just sweeping and chopping and stuff
But come to think of it you are right i've seen the maids treated badly by the family next door

Renu said...

I feel it is exploitation--
asking for extra work without paying extra, or disturbing her work schedule by demands.We are blessed to have the affordability to employ people and we must acknowledge that with kindness.

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