Thursday, July 3, 2008


It must be 1989, I was running a departmental store, and suppliers used to come to me, sometimes for the known products and sometimes with a new one. One day a supplier came to me and said-------
I supply the washing soap 555 and a new product, which is like a Tinopal but used mostly in industries, we are manufacturing it our selves.
and he showed me samples of some yellow powder in plain polythene packets.
In the mean time a customer came and bought a few things and then he happened to see those pockets. He asked me whether I sold those packets, because in his factory they need bulk quantity of that and in case i had them, he would certainly prefer to take it from me.
I was so happy and smiling from ear to ear , thinking-see, i got such a good opportunity in business, I will take order from him and supply from that.
Without thinking any more I asked the supplier to give me 200 packets of those, he had with him some around 100 , he left those there and asked for the payment. Now I always used to do the payments next week--that is a week credit, so I told him that. Then he said would i mind if instead of cash he take some products my shop. LOL, My happiness increased, as I got some more sale(ham to aur khush aur bikri ho rahi ha........ )
And notice that he started with--he supplies 555--a known brand-----but all this time neither he took the order for that nor I noticed that.That was his ploy for getting a good g=credential in my mind.
Now u will say then...........what happened..................hona kya tha, he dissappeared never to show his face.:(
This is life my dear, which teaches you at every step. Now its upto u how u learn. Nothing happens without a reason.


Smriti said...

>> Nothing happens without a reason.
That's true. Just that genuine people suffer because of people like these.

Renu said...

yes, that normally happens, but I still believe in good people being there and my gut feeling about the people.

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