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just now i remebered that i forgot to mention one of my biggest keep the things forever, cant discard anything easily,and for the cards I get, i wud never part, have so much emotional aattachment to them.Its only my daughter when she was unmarried, whenever she came, she cleaned up the things whatever i said,completely disregarding my protests:), not that I minded:), I always felt happy to see her taking my charge like that, now of course she doesnt have time for all those nitty gritties:), so things are piling up:)
and i wud like to tag Sanmerci also, I really want to know her addictions:)


sansmerci said…
thanks for tagging me .. i ll do it next

n hey u shud really do that 18-year old letter ... will b so much fun .. wud really really love to read wat u have to say after a lot of exp in life :)
Cess said…
funny that u mentioned that, I myself have a big box with all the letters of my friends, or people that I met from the age of 10 to 20, huge pile of it that i can t get rid of it, it s in my mum house since me i m moving all the time, it s like have some movie recorded on a video tape, i don t even have anymore the machine to read them but i still can t get rid of it, because i could not let go any of my clothes, telling myself yeah when i ll loose weight they will fit me again, he he, though i managed to throw some of my clothes, i could not do it for the letters or old tapes. :)

Renu said…
sansmerci: for me it will be a sort of biography:), accounting for 32 yrs wont be easy:)

Cess: exactly, I have some cards sent to me in 70's and even letters also, even video casettes even though now my VCR doesnt work,hasnt for last 10 yrs or more:),that way i am a real junki, even my children's photos have got fungus, i keep cutting the part, but still kep it:)
Swats said…
typical moms huh :)

My mother refuses to part with centuries-old furniture, antiques, saris, gifts and god knows wht all is stored up thre in the malya..
I discard my old clothes widout my moms knowledge now..she comes close 2 a cardiac arrest every time I discard old clothes or even a new top tht im bored of hehe
Renu said…
Swats; Typical daughters..haha
BTW what is this malya--me poor ignorant soul:) My daughter used to discard everything Mine and of house, not hers:) but I loved that, oh swat why god made daughters whom mothers miss so much:(
tulips said…
You come across as a person who values people and so dont part with their memories! hats off to you..may your tribe increase!
Renu said…
Tulip; Thanks a ton tulip,u are bang on, I really value people over everything,believe it or not:)

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