Sunday, October 19, 2008


This weekend of mine was full of activities and fun.In Chennai--I came to know that Nov. Oct are the rainy season, so we have wet days, with off and on rains and then all the festivities around.
I saw four movies and i will tell you a little about each of perspective.....
HALLA bOL....dint like it at all, because everything is so plastic here,didnt expect this from a director of many good movies.The way Ajay devgan....behaves is so artificial..BTW i think he is the biggest weakness in this movie,looking no good, acted no better.He is looking so washed out, not a patch for a character of super star, god save us if we have super stars looking like him.The way he is harassed and the way problems are solved , nothing has any creditability about good music, nothing appealing about it. they have taken a very good point to make speak up against injustice..but made a joke of it.
MERE BAAP PEHLE AAP-----it starts a very good comedy and ends with very good emotions.the good points I liked are.....
the song-----hawaao ke paro par----after s long time old time melody with sensible words.
Acting----Akshya khanna, paresh rawal, both are very good, but the best is Genelia, she is so natural and endearing that a comnplete delight to watch and then Om puri........OMG-he is hilarious with his mannerisms and then Rajpal yadav..I just love him,.and then a Small cameo by Naseeruddin--so many of my favourites in a single movie...real bonanza for me
Locales....beautiful Kerala, with those white sari clad women,snake boat race.....
The tuning betweerrn akshay and paresh is v.good and their feel good bickering about each other touches the heart, the relation ship between father and son is something to really enjoy.
a good movie by Priyadarshan--i dont know its box office collection but i liked it.
DHOL...a time pass comedy--but the chemistry between the foursome---Tusshar,Kunal khemu,Sharman and Rajapa Yadav is worth watching, entertaining.
LAGA CHUNRI ME DAAG--I read everybody saying this is an old time movie and regressive one where are the families like that who are suffering, but when i saw i found...
yes i reminded me of an old movie by Mumtaj;;Aaina----but that had a total old time treatment of the idea.
Dont we still have poverty and families who have nothing to fall back upon
Is it not a truth that girl without any degree or proper can she earn money? even for boys, earning too much too soon doesnt come from any satraight way.So for Rani to take prostitution is not regressive--its only the demand of the the situation., what is different here is......
Seeped into the problems and hurdles in a moment of weakness--mother(jaya) herself asks her daughter to go to any length to get money---though she feels pangs of guilt later.When the family comes to know---they dont abuse and humiliate her like normal movies--where the whole family is taken care by the girl and then have the guts to heap insult on here first her younger sister feels bad for her sister and acknowledges her sacrifice, and then father even...its so progressive attitude which I loved........and then the hero--Abhishek..who wants to marry not because of any pity, but he loves her....i am yet to see a single movie(except the old one Anita or this Julie) where a hero loves a call girl and wants to marry her.
The scenes between Konkona and Kunal are very enjoyable and some places Konkona's dialogues are also very powerful. She is the highlight of this movie
It has some beautiful scenes of Zurich and I liked this song--jara gunguna le chalo
the only thing i didnt like is---they have in a certain way glamorised prostitution----nobody can have this type of money and lifestyle even with prostitution.
And this obsession of being a son or having a son, children should be just children,

Then I chked out RAINTREE--the first ecotel hotel here, more about it here


Shalom said...

Rains are hitting B'lore too & are totally washing my mood out....I miss the sunshine & blue skies :(

I loved Dhol....especially all the stuff that happens to the grandfather everytime the 4 guys try to hide from him :D Also the scene where they put that heavy garland on Rajpal Yadav & he falls under its!!!

Renu said...

Shalom: in this festive season rains are a really dampener,i want to do so much of shopping but cant go:(
yah, i also liked it, Rajpal yadav is my favourite comedian, it was a laugh riot-whole movie.

Monika said...

thanks for the reviews... u are such a movie person arent u :)

Amrita said...

Hey u always rembr which movie comes up when and do get to watch em.. thts so nice
i always end up forgetting :(
i jus managed to watch bits an pieces of lagaa.. yest.. :(
and hey mere baap pehle aap seems a nice bet goin by wht u say...

and since u r in chn.. i feel an intangible sense of ur lifestyle..jus like tht i am easily able to visualise wht u write :)
real nice to bump into ur blogs.. am a reg reader now :)

Renu said...

Monika: pleaure is absolutely mine, I can write and write on movies,but restarain myself for the sake of not boring my readers:)
yeah, i am a bollywood junkie:)

Amrita: Amrita, that way i am very meticulus, when there was no guide in cable TVs, I used to see the saturaday paper and write all the movies I want to see in the week. U see i dont go to theatres, so I fill my quota thru TV.:)
Yes Mere Baap Pehle AAp is a good enjoyable movie and they say so lovely things without being melodramatic like in KJO's.
See chennai has the maxinym no. of bloggers , so we must have ameet in Jan. as that is the best time here:)
I wud love ur visits here:), thanks for liking my blogs..they are an extention of me.

Manasa said...

Its rains here at odd times and adding to it: frequent power cuts.. Its too difficult to reach home during the evening stepping on the slippery dug roads with no light :( Even though I've torch, it doesn't help much.

I liked Rani's acting too. Though, the movie has strong message, it didn't run much.

Renu said...

Manasa: actually i am a housewife, so i dont have to worry about going out:)
Yeah, Rani is always good, this movie got too much of negativ publicity, so when i saw, I didnt understand why? a nice movie though.

Reflections said...

Both Dhol & Mere Baap are remakes of Malayalam movies. the originals are a riot tho these were not too bad:-)
having fun huh....enjoy:-)

Pixie said...

Hmmm.. I have the movie Laaga Chunari Mein Daag now and I plan to watch it again...
I have seen it once before and I didn't like the movie. But, now I have your salient points tucked away in my mind!

DeeplyDip said...

no rains for us here in Dubai sob sob...but yes wouldn't want them in the festive season anyways!
Of all the movies you have names, I have only watched Laga and Hulla Bol...I found Laga quite an ordinary movie and I agree they have sort of glorified the position of a real life which prostitue is gng to get a man like abhishek!
As for Hulla Bol I agree - the concept was good (reminded me of Jessica Lal's case and the marches that happened at that time). Only Pankaj Kapoor's acting was worth talking about - rest were usual..
I am now waiting for Fashion, Golmaal reloaded to release this week :)

Raghu said...

Oh ! And blore is the cousin brother(or sister?) of chennai .. when it rains there , it has got to rain here !! .. hehe .. PPl say its the cyclonic effect !! ..

OMG! .. 4 movies on trot !! .. must agree u do have stamina .. that too watching movies like "Lage chunai..." .. At times i do like serious movies like "being cyrus" or "Zinda" .. but wld love comedy any time !! .. Given an option i think i wld watch "Mere baap pehle aap" and may b "dhol" too .. If not fer anything , just fer the Actors !! .. As u said Ajay devgan looks so worn out !! ..

tho i dont celebrate much of the festivals .. i do like the festive atmosphere all arnd .. Got a neighbour who lights the whole house on Diwali .. just awesome to watch !! ..

Renu said...

Reflections; bollywood is always living on remakes, yesterday I was watching--HOUSESITTER.....with Steve martin and Goldie hawn and i realised that a movie-Chori chori---Ajay Devgan, Sonali and Rani was made on this scene by scene:)

Deeplydip; Rains are wlecom July AUg, not now, they have spoiled the festive season, but people tell me this is Chennai's rainy season, nothing unusual:(
In real life a combination of a handsome,educated,rich and loving--how many even accomplished girls manage that, better wud have been had they shown an ordinary boy, but no,he has to be a filthy rich man:)
Watch the other two:) as they are laugh riots:)

RAGHU: Here it is usual every year:(.
What was good in Zinda? For a very filmsy reasonone man destroys a family? tch...tch..... being cyrus was better.I like comedies and romantic and even action anything:)I dont wach TV serials though.
MBPA is good one:), chk it some time.
U get something awesome to watch:), because somebody does it:) Most of the boys dont do anything, its only the mothers or wives who bring that family element in life:)

rahul said...

movies are fun 2 watch.but according 2 me we should avoid watching stress giving movies.if given a choice we should always go for comedy flicks as it has 2 benefits,first is that it acts as a stress-buster,second is a indirect one ,what we see ,we usually imbibe that in our day to day life. when there is joy in our lives our work efficieny is high and where ever we live or stay we make people happy wid our attiude!
one may argue if we avoid social movies(i mean avoiding social stress giving or depressing movies)then from where the social-awareness will come from?,to satisfy him i would say read newspaper and most importantly movies are sometimes exagerrating the situation and it may have a negative impact on u!.movies are after all showing whats happening around us and if we have eyes and brains we will for sure come 2 know abt the social problems prevailing in and around us.add to that movies are sometimes not showing both the aspects of a thing and one may jump two hasty conclusions
and oh commom dont we go to cinema halls 2 enjoy for 3 hrs???

A rebel all the way... said...

havent seen any of these movies.. :(

Renu said...

Rebel: dont u like comedies? a great cure for depression:)

Rahul: wow dear:), u have given me a new perspective.Itdepends on the individual, I like both ,sometimes i watch the movie for pure entertainment and sometime if they stimulate my mind, that also is appreciated. keep coming here:)

Anonymous said...

halla bol is based on d infamous Jessica Lal murder..
i havent seen any of these films tho

Renu said...

SWATS: Yeah i know, but they have really mishmeshed everything, nothing makes an impact here:(

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