Monday, October 27, 2008


This last wek has been extremely busy one for me, as we have so many festivals in this fortnight
SHARAD POORNIMA-- I made some kheer and left it out in the moon light for the night, to be eaten next morning.It is considered to be good for health.AHOI ASHTAMI--on this day I do the fast for the health, wealth and long life of my children( actually earlier women used to do it for the boys only but i always did it for my children---daughter and son both). In the veenong we do pooja AHOI MATA and I make sweet and salted KHANKRI , and to compliment it i make all the pther things also sometimes chola and dahi bada, golguppa.
DHANTERAS---This is the day for shopping, so we buy something and went to wish a few people. Buying something today is considered auspicious.
CHOTI DIWALI---We light 21 diyas this day and do pooja and decoration of the house.
here in Chennai--all the celebration is done on this day, as the next day is amavasya and women fast---I asked a girl.....dont u question this tradition why only girls fast not boys? She replied--nobody is asking us or compelling us, this is the tradition , and we follow it happily and voluntarily.
DIWALI---- We celebrate the return of Lord Rama from his 14 yrs exile to his home.So on this day we make sweets, bring crackers, dresses and all that. And we worship Lord ganesha and Godess lakshmi. Ganpati is always worshipped first while doing any pooja, he removes the hurdles in life and brings harmony and wellness. While laksmi is the goddess of prosperity.
This year while going to friends places wishing them, taking sweets, we went to wish to NETHAJI MERCY HOME also, we took the dresses for all the children and chips ( actually they said dont bring sweets). The children there are so nice, well mannered and lovable. It gives me immense pleasure to watch them, meet them..
I am puting up a few photographs of crackers, rest tomorrow:)
Today we will do all pooja of Laksmi Ganesh and all that in the eveningThis is my diwali:), so much fun, how was yours?


Stray said...

Dear Renu-ji,

Hope you have a wonderful Diwali!!

Renu said...

Thanks STRAY ! Wish u the same !

Jayashree said...

Wish you a very happy diwali, Renu.

Manasa said...

Happy Diwali :)

Woow.. Did you burn the crackers? I've lost the enthu n light only the diyas :D

Hip Grandma said...

Happy Diwali to you and yours!

ugich konitari said...

Hi Renu,

Happy Divali to you and your family....

Renu said...

JAYSHREE: Thanks and wish you the same !

MANASA: Thanks ! And Wish u the same! My DIL gifted me a few crackers also:) my H,son,DIL all arevery fond of bursting crackers, I am the only spectator:). Infact in our APT we had combined crackers and it was awesome-the sound the lights and the quantity:)
We do everything like rangoli and decoration by me, diyas and electric lighting by my H.

HIPGRAND MA : Thanks and wish u the same !

UGICH KONITARI: Thanks and wish you the same !

Anonymous said...

V celebrate it with as much enthu n fervor
im waiting for bhai dooj and our many fmly get-to-gethers :)

wish u the same Renu :)

Amrita said...

hey wish u a veryyyy happy diwali...
hmmm yest most of the festivities were done in chn.. but most of india is doin it today..
had some fun bursting crackers :)
the rockets are a treat for the eyes :D

sukku said...

Renu ...wish you a very happy Diwali...and God Bless you and your family...

Smriti said...

The photos are beautiful!!!

Chriz said...

happy diwali

Renu said...

SWATS: Diwaali is the time for parties, shopping, This is the favourite festival for me:)

AMRITA: yeah, for me main Diwali was yesterday, but I didnt feel like it, as it was not in the atmosphere:).I like those colorful crackers going into different shapes and colors in the sky.

SUKKU: Thanks !

SMRITI: Thanks guria!

CHRIS: Thanks Chris !

Just call me 'A' said...

hi renu,
thanks for stopping at my blog. i'm glad you did. that way, i found your :).
wish you a very very happy diwali!

you'll see me around :)

Renu said...

Just call me A : I wish u the same, and Yeah I wud be dlighted with ur visits:)

Monika said...

i liked ur visit to the ashram... we need more people doing that... happy diwali... hope u had a great one

Reflections said...

Hope u had a wonderful diwali:-)

Sandhya said...

Happy Deepawali, Renu! We lighted lots of diyas on Sunday night and some on Monday morning. Then lots in the evening. Did some laddus and corn flakes sweet and mixture. We have to take Deepawali marundu (means, powdered herbs, mixed with jaggery and ghee - this is for digestion after eating all the sweets) after an oil bath (gingily oil is warmed with ajwain, pepper and beetel leaves, the previous day), have a sweet and burst crackers. I didn't hear much cracker sounds, this year. My children are grown up now and we burst some crackers, just for the tradition now. New clothes, is a must! For newly weds, the tradition is different and elaborate!

Happy Deepawali to you and your family and to all of us, Indians!

Renu said...

Monika: Thanks Monika, yeah I had a good time. Chennai is one place where I feel so comfortable and made friends so fast:)
And this diwali was very special also because I went to the Ashram, i really love that place and inmates.

Reflections: Yes Nancy:), I had a rocking Diwali:).

SANDHYA: Thanks for telling me ur traditions, I so much love all the traditions in south,. I read long back in an interview of Rekha about this oil bath and all that. Here we had so much of crackers and noise, even yesterday a little girl downstairs was bursting and asking me also:)
We also wear new clothes for lakshmi pooja and yesterday when i told my son to do the dsame, he says..but i am not going snywhere and nobody is here, I said -so what, this is for pooja:).
My children are not here, but I loved watching others bursing and enjoying, we all had gathered downstairs.

my space said...

Happy Diwali really keep the traditions going..what fun it is na to cook sp goodies??
u know renu my son is going to chennai tom fr a tournament and we were a bit concerned as we don`t have any family/friends there..we were discussing and DH said , "kissi ko to jaante honge wahan?" And guess what? I sd," yeah renu lives there"
DH ,"Renu kaun??"
Well we may have corresponded recently but i feel i have always known u :-)

A rebel all the way... said...

Sorry...coming very late...WISHING YOU A VERY VERY HAPPY DIWALI!!!
Hope you had a great time!!

Renu said...

MY Space: Thanks Arti and wish you the same ! And aarti if I can be of any help to ur son please let me know. My email ID is there on my profile, and then i will mail u my ph no. and he can call me for any requirement.

Renu said...

REBEL: Thanks Rebel and wish u the same, BTW where were u? celebrating Diwali?

sansmerci said...

happy diwali :) i was on diwali break n now in bangalore for work ... how u been did u miss me?

nice pics.. n the sweets r makin my mouth water (jus the mention of it) i hope to taste them soon u shud b a gr8 cook ... n hey i def want to go to this nethaji home next time i come to chennai.. lemme kno wen u go next time i ll try to join.. tht way i can meet u too :)

Renu said...

SANSMERCI: Wish u the same ! Yeah i was missing u, then I thought that u r busy with ur work. Have u been posted in banglore now?

Whever u want to go to thi snethaji mercy home, i will go, i am ever ready to go there and always interested in meeting u:)

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