Sunday, October 5, 2008


This last sunday I saw three movies in a max record:) and then one after next day.Since all of u must have seent hem I am just going to tell u what I liked or didnt:)

First i saw--ONE TWO THREE--comedy, three people--paresh rawal,Suneil Shetty and Tusshar with same name-lakshmi narayan ..go to Pondy for different jobs and then the comedy of error starts......for the sake of adding names, we have Samira reddy,Esha deol, and Tanisha with Upen patel. I liked Sameera reddy, Esha, as usual looks dumb.

next one was DE TAALI----very light comedy about 3 friends---Paglu( Reitesh) ,Amu( aayesha Takia) and Abhi (AftabShivdasani). Abhi is forever falling in love and getting out.For once when he is serious, the girl (Rimi) is there for all wrong reasons and the story is all about Paglu and Amu doing all they can to save their friend from marrying her.
I liked Reitesh and Rimi.

Now the OSO---as everybody knows everything about it:).I am not going to qwrite anything:).I loved the music and Deepika.

Then AGGAR.......its a new age movie, with murder,suspense, betrayal and all. story line is different so I liked it.Its about how people can manipulate the things and people, but all is well that ends well, for once i was happy to see the good winning in the end unlike some earlier movies like Aksar.


Swats said...

I had reviewed de was kind of bearable..thnx to riteish and Rimi..ayesha sucked!

I loved OSO but i havent seen agar and 1,2,3...

v need sensible filmmakers like Madhur Bhandarkar (page 3), Aamir Khan (TZP), Neeraj Pandey( A WEDNESDAY), Rajkumar Gupta (AAMIR),
Rajat Kapoor (BHEJA FRY), Shimit Amin (CHAK DE! INDIA) etc..

Sindhu :) said...


As far as movies go - the only record I can claim for myself is that I saw a movie of my once upon a time hero - first day release show :D

It had me feel so happy!! :))))

I am planning to do this someday though - watch movies in a row!! And that too at the theaters! :D

Renu said...

Swats; Ayesha is most of the time just, dont know who made her heroine. Today any girl can aspire to be a heroine, standards have really gone down.

yeah we need sensible filmmakers, but they also start repeating themselves or should I say they develop a style,take RGV or madhur, ,Priyadarshan...all of them have made a style of making a movie and sometimes everything is so predictable.

Sindhu:) : When i was in college, we used to watch movie the first day, I still remember when we went to see..HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA and Gopi...There was so much of crowd that police was called and even lathi charge happened, we got a good lecture from the family:)

i am a bollywood junkie, there was a time I cud see any movie:)I have seen most of the released movies in the last 30 yrs.
Thanks for dropping here:)

Cess said...

Hi Renu,

I add them on my list.
I saw Saawariya yesterday. I like the setting and color it was nice. And the grandma in the movie was hilarious :)


Monika said...

oh i havent seen any one of them... lots to catch up

Renu said...

Cess: Dont add them to ur list:) they are not very good.
If u r interested see -HAM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM...I liked it very much.
Saawariya was a little slow movie, yeah grand ma was really hilarious:)

Renu said...

Monika: Actually they are i think flop movies, i saw them because they were on TV and i am a bollywood junkie:)

¢яŷştąŁ said...

The movies except OSO are crap! =D

sry to say tht..

nice template btw..

Reflections said...

hehe..seems like u had good fun:-D

Renu said...

crystal: Thanks for dropping and appreciating the template.
Even first half of OSO also I didnt like, but for time pass at home, i enjoy watching even movies:)

Reflections: yeah,had a good day, what with unlimited cups of tea and movies:)

Chaggoholic.... said...

Well u hv some patience to see that many in one go.Lol....

Renu said...

Chagoholic: yeah, as i said eaelier I am big time movie fan,I even watch on the channel World movies---movies from China,japan and Spain:)
And thanks for dropping!

Shalom said...

Wow.....3 movies in a day!!! My sis is a movieholic & even she hasn't managed 3 in a day as yet :D

HOBO said...

I havent seen OSO yet nor I want to watch but yes, song/s (aankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si)is good.

Renu said...

Shalom: And i really enjoyed my day:) not the movies though.

Hobo: Music in OSO is really good, I liked even..kaise

DeeplyDip said...

I haven't seen any of these movies except OSO! OSO also I missed the first 45 mins! It was nice but I am a die hard fan of Karz the orginial movie. I like the all hot girls song the best in OSO.
BTW watching 3 movies back to back is a big achievement! I can never do that :)

Renu said...

Deeplydip; In the Karz i liked their signature tune very much, that time i had recorded it also.I am a hopeless romantic, so I liked in OSO..ankho me teri and kaise:)

A rebel all the way... said...

I havent seen the other ones but please dont say that you liked OSO...:((((

Renu said...

rebel all the way: Sorry dear:), yeah now when I think of it, I wonder, why and how it made so much of money and made Fsrha so smug, because I am yet to meet a person who liked the film.