Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bomb blasts

Again Bomb blast in New Delhi.and we hear the same statement from politicians, and their visits and they will pay some money to dead and wounded and it goes on......what purpose it solves for terrorists to harm common people..see they are not important in India.
Why they keep the terrorist alive to give them a bargaining point? or to have some more casualties and strife?
Its time public rose against politicians and demand that all criminals be punished and done so delayed justice is not a justice..No mercy petitions be considered for people who have committed a crime against state or individuals....crime is a crime and specially the ones premeditated, and no pardon for that.
Amar Singh in jail..where is his bade bhaiya now?


Bikramjit said...

This will keep happening till our leaders dont do anything or as i said earlier targetted ..
strange though each time there is some problem in the politcial scenario blasts take place .. and none of the politcians ever get hurt ...

They keep the terrorists alive because they are their own men ..


Reflections said...

The situation is getting out of control and if stringent actions are not taken soon the damages are going to be severe.
Like u said any crime comitted against the country shd have no mercy petition loophole. There shd be no pardon, period.

@amar singh...r u talking abt Amitabh Bachchan when u said bade bhaiyya????
Well AB just signed a hollywood movie with dicaprio. He must thanking his lucky stars they r no longer hanging out together;-D

chitra said...

It is a sad to see again & again the terror attacks happening in the country. The poor and innocent are getting killed . Very sad indeed.

Harman said...

very well said!
indian security needs to be challenged..
Bunch of idiots!!

deeps said...

It s chaotic time in Delhi
But in kerala, it s time for celebration… it s Onam
Happy Onam

Rachna said...

Same story, same stale responses, same apathy!

Renu said...

Bikram: leaders will never do anything, its public who has to take some action...All the upperstrata people only say things, never do.

Relfections: yes Nancy.AB..see earlier Amar singh was always with him,today he is not seen anywhere.. bollywood people are so fake.

Chitra: it will keep happening, till we keep electing corrupt people again and again.

Harman:yahan sab chalta ha.

deeps; yeah today i saw in the city all people decked up for Onam:)..Happy Onam to you !!!

Rachna: every time only the name o0f people who get affected are changed, rest nothing changes.

Haddock said...

If we look into each problem that India is facing, the underlying fact is the "political interference"
I think if we can eliminate that, most of the problems will be solved.

Anonymous said...

Sad that terror attacks are happening again and again...

If terrorists are convicted and given the death sentence, then they should be hanged without much delay.

If the govt is not going to carry out the sentence, then the death penalty should be abolished. India is seen as a weak country if the death sentences are given & then not carried out- and this enboldens more terrorists.

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