Monday, September 26, 2011


Yesterday i saw Shaagird, actually I have a certain respect for director..Tigmanshu Dhulia, so as soon as I heard about this movie, it was on my to see list, and he didnt disappoint me...The movie is about a police officer Nana Patekar in Crime branch. For a change he is not an honest officer,but a normal one..corrupt though efficient one and works in cahoots with politician.Jakir Hussain.A New boy..Mohit Ahlawat joins under him.....The treatment of every character is just perfect and they look natural and impressive except  Mohit..he spoils the tempo by his wooden face and unimpressive personality.Its a very tightly edited movie, fast one, with some twists all the time.Rimi Sen as  journalist is also fits in.I liked the movie very much and would say that its worth a watch..the way police works and how money corrupts everybody,but corruption and dishonesty never pays in the end result.This is the first movie where hero..if you can call Mohit that,has been a loser in life till he got appointed there..And heroine is not his girl friend..there are many different things here that way....definitely worth a watch..

SINGHAM.This one is like old time movies good, honest cop versus bad criminals turned politicians..and solution is always..maardhaad...good thing about this movie is Ajay Devgan and Prakash Raj, both have acted very well.But Kajaal agrawal has a small role and there also she disappoints completely, doesnt have that chutzpah..that star quality which makes it worth watching, the way Asin was in Ghazni..

Now a days I am watching Rules of Engagement on Star World and liking it.


Bikramjit said...

I liked the movie Shagird just because Nana patekar was in the movie .. though I must say the other guy was not worth having in the movie .. Nana patekar is a class apart ..

and Rules of engagement WOW movie Tommy lee jones and Samual jackson They are both GREAT actors and in a class of their own .. WORTH watching more than once this one ..


sm said...

havent seen both the movies.

A said...

People told me it is really bad movie so I did not watch.

Well I know which movie to watch this weekend

deeps said...

Watched Singham, for me it was like all sound & fury and I don’t know if it signified anything spcial…
the others, I haven’t watched , thanks for sharing though :P

Renu said...

Bikram:Yes, nana Patekar is a cl;ass apart, though in between he was also stylised, but here he is his original self:)

Rules of a serial too:)


A: watch it, I shall wait for your reaction..many people dont like movies without song and dance routine.

Deeps: ..thats what I think too..its just a run of the mill movie,made for masses...but shagird is different.

Harman said...

singham is good I have seen that!
I like watching ..indian movies.
Ajay devgan is good.

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