Friday, September 9, 2011

service providers in India

Now in India we get everything which was not earlier available but after sales service is pathetic and its not given much importance whereas to me it is one of the most important criteria while buying things.

I am using and broad band connection both and I face many problems like..
they automatically subscribe to caller tunes or other some such service and deduct the money, now I am harassed like anything to mail them, call them and again and again to stop it and refund the amount,they refund first day in the morning and restart same day in the evening.......and one has to call them again and again and its such a wastage of time and money too, as for the last part of call they charge...
Then they deduct at the wrong rates for STD and then I keep quiet,as I dont find the strength to complain all the time..why such big companies resort to such service or I would call it cheating, as there are many customers who cant complain all the time,and so bear the cost of such frills though undemanded and needed.
Then even for broadband they charge the amount even for the days I wasnt home.and their bills show that it was used on those dates, now how could that be?, I dont know if anything can be more ridiculous than that

Even in the hospitals, they are getting so commercial..yesterday I went to Apollo Chennai, and it was crowded like a railway station and now they have posted a guard at the gate.a la hotel who salutes you every time you enter.its so irritating to see him..helloooooo this is a hospital..
And then secretaries to doctors are so arrogant and rude..last time I went, she told me that for new patients one can get the appointment, but for old ones appointment is available after 4 months only..what is this..I am sick today, so how can I wait for another 4 months..its better not give to new ones, they will go to someone else, but no, that way they will loose the customer..yes thats they way they treat patients...they charge highly for every service, but what they provide is service without a smile and in a hurry...In a commercial world, we cant complain about the charges and we have to pay whatever they demand, but then we can demand a good service atleast..they must treat the patients with respect and give them time, but one gets none of looks like as if they are doing charity.

Yesterday was Onam, and I saw everywhere women dressed up in those cream lovely they look, next on my shopping list is one kerala saree..everywhere there was a beautiful pookolam.Now Isphanai centre has two new cafes , and madras cafe serving new innovative dishes and at a reasonable price also.There I saw a shop selling good purses and hand bags, brought here from UK, a designer named David Jones I think..they were quite good. The best thing about coming back home is looking at people decked up in beautiful sarees.such a pleasure to eyes:)


sm said...

nice post and i agree with your air tel experience.

deeps said...

We just cant buy a doc like we buy sarees ha?
Hmmmm but getting appointment sure cant be this way… oooops…

nitwit said...

nice post maam .. and thanks for appreciation and contant suport

Harman said...

thanks..for sharing threw some light on this...its sad...
I generally hear..only good stories from Apollo hospital and blah blah blah!

Tomz said...

This is very bad time..We need a silent revolution like the one happening in the leadership of anna Hazare

Sandhya said...

Welcome back home, Renu!

Though I didn't face much problem with Airtel directly, I faced lot of problems with other gadgets.

I agree with you about the way the hospital staff behave with us. We pay through our nose of give them twice the rate via insurance, but the way the lab people and other staff behave is horrible.

I heard in the radio that Onam was celebrated by Tamilians too during King Cholas' period! Some old tamil poems are quoting it, it seems.

Though we miss the cleanliness, politeness etc. after coming back from abroad, our home is our home, isn't it, Renu?

Renu said...

sm: the same happens with most of the service providers.

deeps: we cant, and we dont need to..but once anyone has chosen a particular profession, one should be sincere to it..its their call.

nitwit: its always a pleasure Garima:)

Harman: some doctors are there really good, but it is highly commercialised place.

Tomz: I think we need to go to base..learn some moral science.

Sandhya: You are right Sandhya..there is nothing like home...there also we face many problems, but they are of different kind.

Rachna said...

You are absolutely right. In India, after sales service is so pathetic. I had bad experience when Reliance originally came out with the CDMA phone. Then Airtel, vodafone etc. keep messing up bills and charging for services they begin themselves. It is so bad that one has to keep fighting. Even for my Zero B filter, I had to rave and rant before the service people came over. What is the matter with these companies?

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