Thursday, April 17, 2008

chennai news paper

From my childhood I was very fond of reading, at that time instead of news paper i was more interested in magazines and later on novels.But after growing up newspaper became a must to see with the morning cuppa for me and sometimes I feel surprised how my loyalties have changed regarding the paper.In the early 80s in Calcutta Telegraph was a rage and MJ AKbar, its editor became my favourite journalist.From a very upright and popular journalist, how and when he went into oblivion, never knew. Then in Delhi of course Hindustan times it is.Without reading it I felt if something missing and when in Indore I longed for it, but they have their own favourites like Free press and all. Slowly we got used to it. and then onward Hindustan times was lost for ever, as every place has its own tabloid like Dainik jagran in kanpur,and then we caught on with TOI, though still I prefer its Delhi version instead of Mumbai.But after settling in Hyderabad I started liking Deccan Chronicle, its very big plus point was that besides giving national news, it completely covers the city in all respects and one is all the time aware of what is happening where and that is very much required for people like me who wanted to know the city.It always listed all the important events with the addresses, and all other things like variety in restaurants, shops, travel needs and TV , almost everything. I liked it so much that when I came to Chennai, I wanted this only. But sadly its chennai version is not the same.Even the sankranti festival celebrated in Mylapore, such an important event and I dint know,nor that food festival, that of roadside stalls of authentic tamil cuisine.And I think its important for all the people writing about any place to include the address or atleast location of the place, bacause all the people going thru it may not be so well versed with the city to know just by name.Even otherwise when you are telling about something,your aim is to familiarise it with people, so what is the point in being vague about the address, I feel all the listings should be with ph no. and address all the time

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