Friday, April 25, 2008

woman's era-march II

In your Jan II issue, " A Sweet Atumn " by K. Rangachari was very heart warming. The way elder daughter comes around and the though process of younger one is very touching.In every issue woman's era comes up with atleast one story about how to be a success in a relationhip and gives insight to hitherto unknown depths of emotion and understanding.I would request you to keep us giving us stories about the importance of relationships and how they can be better maintained.All relationships in life-like-husband wife,mother daughter,daughter-in-law versus inlaws,siblings, friends are very important,Today it has become a fashion to give importance to only those whom you need at that particular time of your life, but then need based relationships are not true.One has to learn to be true and right in all the spheres of life and everything becomes easy. This is what gandhiji taught us so many years ago, but we are still struggling with that.

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