cheer leaders In IPL

For the first time in India, in a game cheer leaders have been brought from abroad.Good that we are progressing , getting forward, but that doesnt mean we should forget our culture and follow everything blindly.In a country where bar girls were banned, though it made life very difficult for those girls, as they dont have any other way of earning their livelihood and looking after their family, where people are forbidden to celebrate valentine,albeit only at few places,where skin show is still considered vulgar,its ironic that money mania is driving people to this extent that they are ready to forget their traditions and everything.Now where is the moral police who is always harassing innocent youngsters most of the time.And here even the question of people's liking or not liking also doesnt arise, its like smoking or prostitution, both are not good things, but still some like them, do it, but they can not be supported. Because some newspapers are taking opinion polls and all that. I just hope that better sense prevails, as it is IPL is more of an entertainment tamasha than the game of Cricket


Smriti said…
You've raised a very good point Ma!

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