restaurants in chennai---dhaba express

I had heard so much about Dhaba express that this is a good restaurant for vegetarians and then my son also used to praise it to skies, so curiosity got the better of me and I thought of trying it once, the first time we went there it was in the afternoon around 3.30, so they said that they closed in the afternoon from 3- 6 pm. Next time we went at 6pm, they said that they opened at 6.30, again bad luck, we were quite irritated, but this time we were hell bent upon trying it so we just loitered around for half an hour and came back. So far so good. There he asked us we would like to sit in AC or outside,since we had come here to have a dhaba experience ,we opted to sit outside.Personally i am not much for dhabas, for me they are good only if you are on the way, but for dine out experience i prefer something better.We ordered corn methi malai and matar paneer for two of us with kulchas and mango panna to drink. The waiter comes after 10 minutes to tell us that they dont have corn and methi, so can we please order something else. We said fine, we will then prefer stuffed kulchas and add curd. Can you imagin what he says--no sir, your plain kulchas are already prepared,vegetable is not there and they have prepared rotis first:(, but still we agreed. Then the fellow comes after 5 minutes-sir, we dont have peas, can you order something else, now that was sufficient for my husband to explode, and that he did, and for once I dont blame him.and we came back without food.
One thing puzzles me a lot that why many restaurants close in the afternoon or serve the dishes with specific timings, one goes to the restaurant for different reasons, sometimes to taste something we cant or dont prepare at home and sometimes one is outside for some purpose and needs something to eat, and both these requirements are not fulfilled.


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