Friday, April 25, 2008

M.F. Hussain

Society---august 07
Thanks for giving us an interview with Mr. Ashok pandit.I have always been a big fan of his serials and always wanted to know about him.I fully agree with him on the issue of painting nudes of our goddesses.It pained me a lot to see thecelebrities and few magazines supporting Mr. hussain in the name of freedom of artistic expression.But how anyone could be great if he doesnt respect others feelings.and if its a poetic licence,then why doesnt he take the same liberty with his prophet.Just like, people are condemning Mr. Modi left and right,completely forgetting and sidelining the innocent people burnt alive in the train, nobody goes into the reason that why the riots happened in the first place. Here I am not condoning riot or Mr. Modi, but trying to make people see the reason. Rioters had some reason even if itwas misguided one, but what reason the people who burnt the bogey had?Its a sad state of secularism in our country that majority is being sidelined and anti hindu sentiments are considered secular.

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