In woman"s era-august I-2006

Amazing is the only word to describe June II issue. Stories are as good as articles and recipes are even better. The great Indian Family is the most articulate,well researched article, i have recently come across. My heartfelt thanks to the writer.
It mad every pleasant and informative reading,plus a new understanding and desire to have a family like those of Padma, Anubha etc.
But i fully believe and agree with Jyoti, i myself at 50, with both the children married and settled, would like to live in some senior citizen home, somewhere with like minded people, surrounded by nature and provided with medical,entertainment and other housekeeping facilities, free of the stress of maintaining a house and relationships.
If there is any energy left, better put it to the use of society. Identity Crisis- I could full identify with the protagonist, having done the same, which most of the women do to keep peace in the family


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