Friday, April 11, 2008

raj thackerey

MNS has opened pandora box by taking the issue of maharashtrian and non maharashtrian. Its only due to the politics of votes that this issue is even being discussed, otherwise making prohibited boundaries in a coutry in itself be considered a crime but for the last 60 yrs our politician have followed the british policy of divide and rule.In today's times when boundaries are vanishing in the world over, here we are talking about north indian,south indian.Its so ridiculous that on one side we are asking US to open us,give us more H1 visas and all and closing our borders for our own brethren,what for; for power and self interest. Country may go to the dos,who cares.If Raj thackerey is so much against north indians, then why target only Amitabh bacchan, ask all actors,industrialists and artists who were not born in Maharashtra to leave it and then see what is left, and personally he shouldnt watch Hindi movies, shudnt employ bihari workers(which he did recently) and should never try to step out of maharashtra.Mumbai is what it is today because of its multigrain personality,take it out and it will be a dead city in notime. Our politicians are all out to destroy whatever we have, none tries to construct anything, without realising that it takes years to build something whether its a city country or relationship and can be broken in a moment.

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